Biometric Fingerprint Scan with Payroll System Essay

Published: 2021-06-16 13:35:04
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The proposed subject “Biometric Fingerprint Scan Log In/Log Out with Payroll System for FH Commercial Inc. ” will be created utilizing Code Gear Delphi2010 and Seagate Crystal Report. The Payroll System will be connected with the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner. The scanner. aside from supplying accurate and efficient monitoring of the employees’ clip and attending. will besides do paysheet calculation faster. The computerized paysheet system will take attention of the automatic paysheet calculations segregating deductibles like PhilHealth parts. SSS Premiums and SSS Loans. PAG-IBIG Fund. Withholding Tax. and tax write-offs due to absences and for describing late at work in which the tax write-off depends on the clip the employees log in.
The authorised individual in the accounting section or the decision maker enters each employee’s information into the system. An employee information screen with fill in the space options will be provided with infinites for names. references. contact Numberss. birthday. and other of import inside informations about the employee. After make fulling out the employee information screen. the administrator/authorized individual is directed to the part of the paysheet to come in the rate of wage. overtime rate. the rate of late log in tax write-offs. and the tax write-offs for PAG-IBIG Fund. SSS Premium. PhilHealth Contribution and Withholding revenue enhancement.
When an employee studies to work. the employee places a finger on the scanner. When the fingerprint is read the employee so places the smartcard on the scanner. The employee’s finger is scanned and the scanner sends it to the database to look into a lucifer. The same procedure happens to the encoded biometric informations on the smartcard. It is besides compared to the mention database to authenticate the individuality of the employee. If a lucifer of the fingerprint and the encoded biometric informations on the smartcard is established with the mention database. the employee IN clip will be recorded with day of the month and clip in the log tabular array. The information will so be processed farther and forwarded to the Payroll System. When the employee leaves the office. his Out clip will be recorded in the same manner. Option for the decision maker to redact a few records if required or take invalid entries will be provided for the altering vacation agendas and filed foliages.
With the rapid development of engineering. more and more advanced equipments and package are produced. The advocates would wish to be a portion of these developments. The advocates in taking the said subject would besides wish to heighten their accomplishments in scheduling and to derive more cognition on Code Gear Delphi2010 and Seagate Crystal Report.
4. Importance OF THE STUDY:
FH Commercial Inc. still uses the traditional manner of calculating their Payroll. It is still done manually. The Daily Time Record ( DTR ) and a Bundy Clock are still used to supervise the attending of the employees. Two separate systems done manually. The proposed system will be a great aid for the company because it will do their work much easier and faster.
The advocates take FH Commercial Inc. as the mark donee of their finishing touch undertaking because they saw that the company needs the proposed system. Since the company was established. they have been utilizing the manual system of paysheet calculation and the Bundy Clock for their log in/log out. The proposed subject will salvage clip. money and attempt giving chance for the company to carry through more at a lesser clip. It saves clip and attempt because the Payroll System is already connected with the Biometric Scanner doing it faster and easier for calculations. It saves money because sing efficiency and truth. there is a lesser possibility of mistake. The proposed undertaking will non merely profit the company. but the employees every bit good advancing just and merely competition for everyone because it requires the presence of the employee to log in and eliminates the chance of employees to inquire their brother to plug their cards for them.
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