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Business Name Ltd
IMSP07 Product and Service Provision and Operations
Document Ref: IMSP07 Product and Service Provision and Operations
Version: 1
Date of Version: dd/mm/yyyy
Created By: Name 2
Approved By: Name 1
Confidentiality Level: Controlled: Uncontrolled if printed
Amendment History
Date Version Created By Description of Change
dd/mm/yyyy 1 Name 2 Initial Release
Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u 1.Introduction2.Scope3.Procedure3.1 Materials receipt and inspection3.2 Materials processing3.3 Distribution3.4 Validation of processes3.5 Identification and traceability3.6 Customer property4.Document Management
IntroductionThe purpose of this procedure is to provide appropriate controls relating to the products and services provided by Business Name Ltd to specified customer requirements.
The product and service provision process ensures that all planned stages of are fully complied with, that key process operations are carried out in a controlled manner and that all products and services meet both customer and legislative requirements.
This sub-divided procedure describes the company’s controls and activities with respect to the services undertaken.
Scope3.1 Materials receipt and inspection
3.2 Materials processing
3.3 Distribution
3.4 Validation of processes
3.5 Identification and traceability
3.6Customer property
ProcedureThe Position 1 is responsible for the implementation of this procedure and for delegating responsibility throughout the organisation to ensure customer satisfaction is assured.
The Position 1 is responsible for the implementation of effective co-ordination of product and service delivery and despatch activities. The Position 1 is also responsible for investigating and liaising with customers on complaint related matters.
The invoicing department is responsible for receiving orders/order enquiries and to relay such information accurately. They should ensure that any potential order related ambiguities are resolved prior to issuing instructions to the relevant operations/business unit. They are responsible for the planning, monitoring and progressing of customer orders to achieve customer satisfaction.
Top Management are responsible for the overall operations and effective and efficient running of Business Name Ltd facilities. They are responsible for the standards of workmanship to ensure quality of incoming and outgoing materials and services, and the review of training requirements as identified, the latter in liaison and discussion with senior management.
Top Management are also responsible for ensuring tasks are carried out as directed, ensuring all instructions related to Quality standards are adhered to.
They are responsible for reporting to the Position 1 or Delegate any concerns which may adversely affect the efficiency or effectiveness of work undertaken, which may not have been originally identified.
The Position 1 is responsible for the up-keep and maintenance of all equipment and vehicles under his charge to ensure roadworthiness and operational/service capabilities.
Records are maintained in accordance with Control of Records Procedure QP02.
3.1Materials receipt and inspectionA material receipt inspection is carried out to ensure that material received for product or service provision is as described on applicable transfer notes and or delivery tickets received. Material receipt controls may include:
Establishing written supply agreements with suppliers which include specifications for the products and services to be supplied.
The monitoring and inspection of the quantity and quality of each consignment received from suppliers.
The acceptance or rejection of consignments of material received from suppliers.
Records demonstrating that such controls are in place and have been complied with will be retained for a period of at least three years, notwithstanding any further period required by law.
If the incoming material/product meets the agreed criteria, which is confirmed only at application level and by direct measurement, the unloading process is deemed as completed, and all supporting Goods in documentation/Collection/Delivery Notes are completed accordingly.
3.2Materials processingOn receipt/acceptance of an authorised load it is moved to the delivery bay with associated goods inwards documentation where unloading is completed/supervised. Incoming documentation is completed/signed and returned to the Invoicing department.
Materials approved for customer installation and dispatch are then stored by type until required.
All materials required for service provision are confirmed as being fit for purpose and deployment on customer systems through in house testing. Where items/material do not meet the prescribed customer criteria, the invoicing department shall endeavour to return the items/material to the supplier for immediate resolution.
Serious product nonconformity will be escalated to the Position 1 who will monitor and progress any product or service shortfall that impacts upon the customer’s expectations for immediate resolution.
3.3DistributionAll outgoing products and services are clearly marked/identified prior to dispatch, and outgoing documentation is completed and presented accordingly.
If material is for export, local legislation should be considered and followed as appropriate. Material which is ready for export out of the UK should:
Meet the commercial specifications provided to the Company by the customer as evidenced by direct measurement, i.e. visual assessment; and
Be available for inspection and/or sampling by any interested governmental third party.
It is recommended that all physical products are photographed and/or videoed during and after loading into any container or trailer. Where photographed, a minimum of three photographs should be taken showing sequential stages of filling and include a photo of the fully loaded container/ trailer with the door of the container/trailer half open so that the product/service and the container/trailer number are both clearly visible. Where videoed, such video should show the same evidence as would be provided by photographs.
Documentary evidence demonstrating that such control systems are in place and have been complied with should be retained by the business for a period of at least three years or for such longer period as may be required under law.
Where Business Name Ltd supplies its products or services to a Broker acting on its behalf or to a Dealer, Business Name Ltd is to have a written agreement in place between itself and the Broker or Dealer in relation to the services to be provided by the Broker or Dealer. This should include specifications for the types of products and services to be supplied.
3.4Validation of processesIn general, the verification of service provision is confirmed through direct monitoring and measurement. Where activities are performed which may not permit subsequent checking of work, the related processes have been validated. The validation activities include:-
Definition of project process criteria and process approval.
Approval of equipment.
Training and qualification of personnel.
Documentation of service requirements.
Project monitoring.
When any additional material or equipment is purchased or hired, required arrangements for maintenance/inspection contracts are made at the time of the purchase/hire. All equipment purchased or hired is certified as compliant prior to distribution, and where practicable to do so.
Where any analysis activity is required, this will be undertaken by an accredited analytical facility or conducted using calibrated equipment traceable to national standards.
3.5Identification and traceabilityIdentification and Trace-ability is maintained by Advice Notes, and Duty of Care documentation.
All items are identified by labels, markings or other suitable identification methods on items, containers or locations. General trace-ability is achieved by the above methods and/or by the information contained in relevant Invoice/advice notes, including Purchase Orders.
3.6Customer propertyWhen customer’s property, site, material, products etc. are made available, they will be treated as a supplier for the purpose of the Management System requirements.
Customer’s property that is damaged or otherwise unsuitable for processing is recorded and reported to the customer and senior management.
Document ManagementThis document is valid as of dd/mm/yyyy.
The owner of this document is a Director of Business Name Ltd, who must check and, if necessary, update the document at least annually.
When evaluating the effectiveness and adequacy of this document, the following criteria need to be considered:
Current suitability for purpose and legislative conformity against ISO 9001:2015 & ISO27001:2013
Name 1
Position 1

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