1492: Conquest of Paradise Columbus: Friend or Foe? Essay

Published: 2021-06-11 21:15:03
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As many of us are cognizant today. Columbus is looked to by many Americans as non merely a hero but a historical personage. who besides carries many loads. This description is how the movie 1492 represents Columbus. in the movie he was portrayed as a adult male of the people who treated the native people with self-respect and regard and was looking out for the improvement of the people. The movie shows no aspiration to research and happen the true elaborate and barbarian dealingss that Columbus had with the indigens. Although the movie does convey the indigens into the chief secret plan and consents the cruel system of bondage enforced upon them by the Spaniards. the movie besides remains far from Columbus’s true duty for the inhumane conditions imposed upon the indigens. Columbus is really depicted as a defender of the natives’ rights. which could non be more opposite from what Columbus really wrote in his letters.
In Columbus’s foremost ocean trip he describes the native people as a beautiful people. who were besides really soft. He besides mentions that he shouldn’t have “allowed his work forces to take their things. the lone exclusion being he had commanded it all be taken Your Highness. if it existed in measure. ” On the other manus if we continue reading one can deduce that Columbus did all of this for his ain personal benefit and to derive the trust of the native peoples. Columbus portrayed the indigens to the Queen by stating “there is no better people. or better land. in the universe. ” This appears to be said because Columbus wished to return and wanted the Queen to believe the best of the people and the land he had discovered for Spain. Because why would one privation to destruct and ache a people and land he admired so? On another one of Columbus’s expeditions he mentions how they seized twelve bosomy and chubby adolescents both male and female. He justifies his capturing off the Caribs because of what they believed to be the Cannibals cold intervention of them by fixing them to be eaten.
Besides a word picture of Columbus’s true ego and privation was when he reached another island where man-eaters resided. and they fled at the mere sight of his work forces. they merely proceeded to take their ownerships. One twenty-four hours while anchored Columbus and his work forces spotted a canoe. as they approached it the Cannibals shooting at them with their bows. They left one of the man-eaters for dead because they thought him to be wounded. When the man-eater began to swim they seized him and cut off his caput with a tomahawk. They treated the Cannibals as if they were animate beings and as Columbus tell us “I had my custodies on a gorgeous Cannibal adult female. I felt a craving to feature with her. ” When the adult females resisted he proceeded to ravish her. and beat her. These action are ne’er shown in the movie coming from Columbus. they are shown through Moxica and his sick intervention of the indigens.
On another one of Columbus’s ocean trip we can see what actions the indigens were required to execute. They were made to transport any adult male. who did non cognize how to swim. besides the ownerships. arms. and anything else that needed to be carried. This sad world is besides something that although somewhat portrayed. isn’t shown to its full extent in the movie. When Columbus and his work forces were nearing Jamaica they were good equipped as the indigens threw rocks at them. and because of this they instantly killed a smattering of the people. The following twenty-four hours when they returned for the intent of contending. the work forces begged for clemency and brought Columbus and his average goods and arms of their ain.
In complete resistance the movie portrays Columbus as desiring to convey faith and assist the indigens. non to kill them and frighten them off. ‘The native population was already worsening. and Columbus’s break one’s backing expedition merely made it worse. ” It besides did non assist that Columbus was forming a mass roundup of Indians to be sold in Spain. Columbus was non merely instructed to convey back goods and cogent evidence of profitable locations. and goods. but the Indians were besides made to pay a revenue enhancement.
The 1s who “agreed” to make so had to have on a item around their cervix to turn out that they had paid. and if they did non they would be arrested and given a punishment. This shows that although the indigens were slightly of citizens they were still treated as animate beings. So now I ask you was Columbus a friend or a enemy to the native people? You can do your ain premises on this affair. but based on grounds and Columbus’s ain Hagiographas he was simply a enemy seeking to be portrayed as a friend. He believed his actions to be good to non merely the indigens but for himself and Spain. therefore go forthing us with the feeling that Columbus was selfish. thought himself to be superior. and used the native people for his ain benefit.
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