Dorothy Livesay’s poem “Experience” Essay

Published: 2021-06-16 10:45:04
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Dorothy Livesay’s verse form “Experience” Teachs that if one learns entirely from outside beginnings. so one will ne’er cognize what it is to experience independency and self-growth. By analyzing the writers personal experiences. the imagination. and the symbolism used the above statement will be proven true.
Dorothy’s personal life had a big influence on her sentiment about independency and self-growth. Her drawn-out calling crossing over 5 decennaries. her engagement with political relations and her general traveling non merely across Canada but Paris and the Soviet brotherhood kept her invariably sing new environments. This greatly affected her calling as a poet. she let herself be influenced by all civilizations and her milieus. She began going independently at a immature age and carbon monoxide inherently matured rapidly. turn outing the thought that personal experience and acquisition first manus is indispensable in to the full understanding all facets of life.
Livesay’s comparing of holding state of affairss and experiences forced upon you to the thought of eating bitter and stale staff of life go forthing her feeling tired and hollow shows a direct relation to the thought of maturating and turning as a individual. “So I went on my ain route. savoring all fruits. all staff of lifes. ” As she grows up she has everyone around her presuming they know what’s best and coerce her to follow their thoughts without any say. This hurts her ability to be independent and leaves her completely reliant on others and missing personality and imaginativeness. Gaining this as she continues to turn older she decides to go and see new thoughts and ways of life to larn for herself what’s best for her personally. Although it is non guaranteed that everything you come across will hold positive effects on your life. finally what you’re looking for will come across and you will turn as an person.
In the verse form. Livesay uses staff of life as a symbol for the state of affairss and experiences forced upon you by others. and fruits as the escapades you make and learn from independently. The staff of life is described as being acrimonious and stale. go forthing her bosom feeling empty and unsatisfied…as if something was losing. Once the determination was made to go and see everything for herself – both staff of lifes and fruits – she felt like that portion of her that was losing had been filled and completed. One could deduce that the portion of her that was losing was her independency and adulthood. which she developed as she continued to go and work. “Tasting all fruits. all staff of lifes: And if some were acrimonious. others were sweet. So I learned. how the bosom is fed. ”
Dorothy Livesay’s personal life following the thought of independency and growing through going entirely and larning first manus. the imagination developed in the descriptions of how the staff of life and fruits gustatory sensation. and the usage of symbolism turning the thought of staff of life into unwanted events and fruits being the thought of self-growth and adulthood show that the nucleus message in Dorothy Livesay’s verse form “Experience” is one can non turn and maturate as a individual if they learn entirely from outside beginnings.

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