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Published: 2021-06-23 08:20:04
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Ways to Improve Academic Experience in KDI School Reem Salah Academic Writing March 9,2010 Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy. People who are active live longer and feel better. Feeling better will make you more encouraged to study and achieve your goals. Also, it is a way to release tension that we are subject to in KDI . Thus, encompassing Physical Education as a core course and expanding the gymnasium is truly a way to improve academic experience in KDI.
By encompassing physical education students will exercise and by expanding the gymnasium area more students will be able to go to the gym and exercise. Ultimately resulting in an improved academic experience in KDI. Exercise has positive effects on the brain. Exercise has been found to increase levels of “brain-derived neurotrophic factor”. This substance is thought to improve mood, and it may play a role in the beneficial effects of exercise… help brain cells survive longer; so this may also explain some of the beneficial effects of exercise on dementia (Holmes, 2006).
Demonstrating that by exercise not only on the long run students will not be prone to dementia but also their mood is improved. Mood improvement will result in students working better, feeling better and enhancing their creativity . Encompassing physical education as a core course thus will truly improve the academic experience. KDI School offers comprehensive and rigorous academic programs (School, 2007) . One way to reduce the tension and stress caused by these programs is physical exercise. Research has shown that physical exercise is the best tension reliever (ICBS, 1998).
This illustrates that exercise can be a solution to release the tension which KDI students are subject to due to the rigorous academic programs. Also the rigorous programs in KDI require a lot of sitting in front of a computer or a desk all day. By exercising that built up energy and tension which have accumulated throughout the day can be released. It is a better way to channel your energy than letting it turn into anger or negativity. Strongly pointing out that incorporating physical education as one of the core courses will improve the academic experience.
To encourage students to continue exercising the gymnasium has to be expanded. Entering class each year is approximately 200 Korean students for the Master’s Degree program and around 160 international students (School, 2007). Illustrating they are 360 students at KDI. To ensure that most of them are encouraged to exercise by going to the gymnasium, the gymnasium area has to be expanded. In an interview conducted B. K Lee (personal communication, March 09, 2010) noted that the gymnasium area is approximately 10 meters and KDI campus area is approximately 10 kilometers.
Having 360 students in KDI with a gymnasium that small will discourage students from going there. Since the campus is 10 kilometers in area there will be no problem in expanding the gymnasium area. By doing so, more students will be encouraged to go to the gymnasium, exercise which will result in improving the academic experience in KDI. In conclusion, Exercise has positive effects on the brain. Release built up energy and tensions. Making us work in a better environment. Physical exercise has many benefits and should be a regular part of almost anyone’s life (Association, 2010).
By making physical education as one of the core courses will no doubt improve academic experience in KDI and also the health of all the students. In addition expanding the gymnasium area will encourage students to go there often, exercise resulting in improved academic experience. References: Holmes. (2006). Mental health. About. Com. Retrieved 09/03/2010, from http://mentalhealth. about. com/od/depression/a/howexercise. htm ICBS. (1998). Exercise. Stress Management. Retrieved from http://www. holisticonline. om/Stress/stress_exercise. htm KDI School. (2007) Mission and Purpose. KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Retrieved 09/03/2010, from http://www. kdischool. ac. kr/ KDI School. (2007) Questions of the Academic Programs. KDI School of Public Policy and Management. Retrieved 09/03/2010, from http://www. kdischool. ac. kr/ American Heart Association. (2009). Excersice is for everyone. Physical Activity and Excersice. 10/03/2010, from http://www. americanheart. org/presenter. jhtml? identifier=11081

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