Urban growth and decline

Published: 2021-06-23 11:45:04
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Urban growth and decline has affected many people living in the area of Pyrmont- Ultimo because of Urban consolidation, with a high population density means that the current population uses the provided infrastructure much more efficiently. For example, car ownership and even multiple car is very low in Pyrmont Ultimo because residents use the many public transport options, including ferries, light rail, monorail and buses as well as utilizing the pedestrian walkways which extend to the inner city and other suburbs.
The only problem with sustaining Pyrmont and Ultimo is the slight problem which occurs when many of the people in the area are young couples. Many will get married and have families which will mean there is more need for bigger houses, schools, day cares and play grounds. The area may have to face developments like these in the years to come.  
The idea of redevelopment in the area of Pyrmont- Ultimo has caused both positive and negative debates upon residents. The geographical process of Urban Growth is in many aspects a positive thing because it allows the area to have a higher socioeconomic status. Another reason why Urban growth has been a positive thing is because employment rates have risen and educational opportunities increase. The negative aspects of urban growth are things such as inadequate infrastructure, expensive prices of homes and buildings and traffic congestion. The environmental factors that have been associated with urban growth are the deterioration of air quality due to cars, buildings and other machinery polluting the air, these things are considered to be negative. Urban decline has also affected residents living in the area of Pyrmont- Ultimo. Things like educational options and medical care or treatment have decreased in the past because of the dramatic drop in the population of the area.
It is because of these reasons that the redevelopment of Pyrmont- Ultimo has caused equally positive and negative debates about the Urban Growth and Decline in the area.
Individuals and groups living in Pyrmont have responded to traffic in the area by avoiding travelling to areas close to the city of Sydney by a car, but instead by walking.
Sydney’s walking future aims to increase opportunities for people to walk longer distances and help reduce congestion. Centres are busy places and will continue to become busier as Sydney’s population grows. The goods line is a good example of a groups response to traffic in Sydney, connecting Ultimo, Pyrmont, Darling Harbour and Redfern which ensures an improved pedestrian access from Sydney’s Central Station and Railway Square through to Pyrmont and Darling Harbour so that residents are encouraged to walk to get around the area to reduce traffic congestion.
The urban growth and decline in Pyrmont- Ultimo has become the best example of important change in Sydney because the area has undergone many changes since settlement in Australia and has undergone more changes than almost any other suburb in Australia in such a short time.
Another reason why the urban growth and decline in the area has become significant is because of the way people have transformed the area completely from an industrially dominated area, into a run-down neighbourhood and then transformed once more into a popular and contemporary district.
g) Outline two specific groups and outline the actions that they could take to respond to this issue.

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