“The Seven Ages of Man” Essay

Published: 2021-06-16 19:25:03
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William Shakespeare is the greatest playwright of English literature. His high quality as a poet lies in his voguish verse form “The Seven Ages of Man. ” In this verse form. Jaques. the storyteller. compares life to a immense phase where all of us are mere histrions. Each individual has an entry to the universe at birth and issues at decease. populating merely seven Acts of the Apostless. Jaques portrays these seven Acts of the Apostless by using stylistic devices such as enunciation and nonliteral linguistic communication to supply item. Jaques commences with a metaphor that undertakings the significance of the verse form: “All the world’s a phase and all the work forces and adult females simply participants.
”This merely suggests life is but a theatrical public presentation. The verse form now proceeds to the first and first act. the phase of babyhood. where adult male makes his presence felt by shouting at the top of his voice and purging any nutrient or drink that is abhorrent. in the nursing weaponries of his female parent. This phase is relevant to every human being. The 2nd phase is the ‘whining’ schoolboy where he learns to express a mournful. high-pitched sound. as in fright. invocation. or ailment. The boy’s reluctance is emphasized by the selected simile: ”Creeping like a snail.
”After this phase he reaches his early young person. the extremum of love and high love affair. In this phase he sighs like a combustion furnace and sings the sad laies of love affair full of suffering to affect his lover’s bosom. The feeling of her answer can be seen in her superciliums. In the following function the stripling is now a soldier ( a grown adult male ) with a life full of duties. committednesss. curses. and vows. His face fungus is like a leopard’s beards. He infinitely fights for his award. a full presence of head which is sudden and speedy in wrangle ; sudden in dissension and ready to support.
The 5th phase is the adult-hood where a adult male tries to populate a just and justified life ( the justness ) . He is “in just unit of ammunition belly with good capon lin’d. ” proverbially intending the adult male is bribed. His eyes are terrible with earnestness and his face fungus is leveled to a formal cut. which symbolizes his adulthood. He is to take a batch of right determinations to maintain up with the ever-changing times. So this phase is the most robust phase in life. The 6th phase is the middle-aged. The adult male now prepares himself for the following degree in life- old age. This adult male looks like a clown and an old sap in rugged old slippers.
His legs begin to shrivel and he becomes more and more immobile. The man’s one time bold adult-voice begins to fall to the lower high-pitched voice he carried as a kid. The last phase is the old-age where he enters his 2nd childhood. This phase explores an interesting facet of life: As we grow older. we come closer and closer to what we foremost started from. It is besides the phase of limbo ; the phase of being wholly forgotten ; the phase of being of burying or of being unmindful. He is without everything ; without dentitions. eyes and gustatory sensation.
Finally. we lose all consciousness. traveling back to the province when we were merely a individual cell. with no capacity for senses. The actor’s portion in the drama has concluded. Shakespeare was non merely a great poet but besides a great histrion and this position of the universe as a phase and human existences as histrions comes from a adult male who dedicated his life to theatre. The universe is but a planetary phase and all work forces and adult females presented here are marionettes in the custodies of fate. Just like substructures on a phase. the universe has its ain entrywaies and issues. Every adult male in his lifetime has parts to play. His Acts of the Apostless are the seven ages.

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