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Running Head: THE DEBATE
The Debate
Khristopher R. RodriguezRosario
Coastline Community College
The Debate
The Beginning of the Debate.
The Debate was between Federalist led by Alexander Hamilton and Anti-Federalist Led by Thomas Jefferson. One of the main reasons of the debate was to my understanding the way they both were looking at the future of the country in different areas like, developments both laws and economics also how to be control and manage. I was surprised on how these two politician’s different way of thinking and view helped to shape the United States at some point. I believe that to have an idea of these to gentlemen’s way of thinking we need to know more of where they and their believes came from. They both had different understanding and philosophies. Alexander Hamilton, a federalist that wanted a government that could be strong enough to lead the nation. Thomas Jefferson, democratic republican that wanted mans in the government to take emphasis and dominate in such government due that was a people’s government.
Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton, Federalist born in Nevis, British West Indies. . Growing up as a youth, he was sent to New York to seek his education where he attended Columbia University. Besides be known nowadays to be the face of the ten dollar bills he was a heavy influencer person and also known as a being one of the founding father of the United States. Hamilton was in the military service, he made the rank of Major General before he became the senior aide to the president. In the process of his life he was a trusted person of the president and he became the secretary of the Treasury Department. He was a key figure for the President George Washington as the first United Secretary of the Treasury during Washington’s presidency where he was a big influence to find the first national bank. According to history Alexander Hamilton was killed by another Politician in July of 1804. It was obvious that he had a few enemies due to a few scandalous that he had.
Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson Anti-Federalist born in Shadwell Virginia, He was very well known for being the principal author in the declaration of the independence, founding father, second Vice President of the United States and later on he became the third president of the United States. He had 9 siblings, he was the third child. He entered the university of William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia when he was 16 years old. After graduating with honors he studied law and was admitted to the Virginia bar in the late 1760’s. During his time in the presidency Jefferson confronted over 83 millions of dollars in national debt. One of the well-known accomplish is the purchase of Louisiana. Jefferson was a big influence of the Military University called West Point. He felt like they needed to produce more military officers. He believed in the freedom of speech, he was only 33 and known to be one of the youngest delegates of the
Continental Congress. He died in Monticello at the age of 83 in 1826.
Differences Alexander and Thomas were very different people. I think that one of their biggest differences were stances on politics. Hamilton was more of a support to big business and large government while Jefferson was the opposite, Small government and states right. Other differences were that Hamilton vies of America was of a strong national government, federal party, taxes on lower class, wanted to expand Army and Navy and thought of Jefferson of an atheist. Jefferson view of America was small local government, no to the constitution because give too much power to the National Government, taxes to the wealthy, that a large military would have the states scared or threated.
In 1794 was another difference that was never resolved where Hamilton to organized the the Jay Treaty with Great Britain and Jefferson didn’t like the idea and did not support the realty but it was supported by the president Washington where they were allowed the war time debts and the Canadian boundaries.
America Financial Divide I believe the main argument was over the bank. It was known that the federalist needed a stronger government and the national Bank would ensure the security. On the other side we had the republicans worried about the bank was going to threat the freedom. The government had a few ways to raise money, the main one was imposing tax then selling interest and paying government bonds and the last one printing their own money which in my opinion were the most efficient way at the time. Jefferson had in his mind that the bank represented too much of a risk due that they had too much of an English influence in the nation. I think from this particular disagreement was very important in the shape of today’s nation.
Outcome After Hamilton convinced the congress to pass the tax on making whiskey to help paying the debt, but farmers that were making whiskey didn’t really like the idea and attacked federal tax collectors. Hamilton resigned his treasury post but decided to stay in the federalist politics. Jefferson became the the president and shocked when he decided to adopt Hamilton’s idea of “implied powers” by purchasing Louisiana from France. For me neither one really won the fight for Americas future. Most democrats agree agreed with Hamilton and most republicans agreed with Jefferson in the smaller federal government and keeping taxes low. Politics issues and different ways of view created a division in America but in a way those differences helped to shape America to what we know now days. , those issues shaped America “We have called by different names brethren of the same principle. We are all Republicans, we are all Federalists.”( Editors, 2016)
The National Bank is something that Hamilton kept talking about and continued to strive. In my personal opinion I think both views were important to America. We all have different way of views and sometimes we don’t see the long run. After reading and doing my research I think Hamilton’s vision came closer due how Jefferson adopted Hamilton’s idea. I think the voice of the country should always be heard, but what actually happens when the country tries to speak and they can’t be heard. We need to realize that we are not all in the same levels when it comes to economics, knowledge and some people have no idea on what direction they should go. I think we should implements a few of the rules they used to have back in this era. ?
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