Portfolio in Calculus (crp)

Published: 2021-06-22 04:45:06
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Portfolio in Calculus Submitted by: Chloe Regina C. Paddling Submitted to: Sir Ferdinand Corpus Journal for the Month of June ? I learned many things this month. It was good that our teacher repeated the topics in basic math to strengthen our foundation. Even if we had a hard time, I don’t see any reason why we should complain because I understand that our wanted to master these topics to be able to move too higher math. The topics tackled this month are namely: Inequalities Rational Inequalities Circles Distances Slopes Angles of Incidence?
For me, the hardest topic to master was the inequalities, which I know I should master to be able to understand the next topics. I reviewed my wrong answers in our summation tests because I don’t want to be left behind with the topics. When Sir Corpus said that we are going to have a double program in Math, I was excited because we are not Just advancing but are reviewing in the same time. A lot of advance technologies are product of such very simple concepts in math as long as it is utilized in a very good way.
For example the distance formula, this is not just used in Math but also in Physics, Science and many other fields. Journal for the Month of July This month, I learned that there are also ‘other’ versions of circles. Namely: Parabola Ellipse Hyperbola For me there was no hard topic because I make sure that I made an effort in understanding the topics before the day ended. Made sure that I master these topics before there was a summation test conducted.
I even created my own mnemonics Just to make sure that I wouldn’t forget the strategies taught by our teacher. For the These topics helped me a lot about the question marks in my head. It made me good on finding equations, graphing, etc. It made me a better student when it comes to things like these. Journal in the Month of August I learned more about hyperbolas; with the transverses to both x and y axis, the difference between pre-calculus and calculus and the story of King Epsilon.

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