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Published: 2021-07-06 15:20:04
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I designed a training program that i carried out over a 6 week period which aimed at strengthening my upper body and core. I exercised for 60 minutes each day and after ever workout i collected the data and recorded it in a diary which described the exact exercise, number of sets, reps and duration. Before the training program i did a series of post tests which involved a 7 stage ab tests, 1RM bench press and a 1 minute push up test. For the ab test i got to stage 5 which meant i could do 1 sit up and touch my elbows to my knees, with the bench press i could lift a max of 92. kg and with push ups i could do 40 in a minute. After i had finished my program i once again conducted a series of post tests to see how much i had improved. With my ab test i got to stage 6 which meant I could do the same but with a 2. 5kg weight held behind my head, with the bench press i got to 100kgs which is an increase of 7. 5kg and my push up test i got to 47 in a minute. I found that my greatest weekness came from my natural weight tests, with my push ups and sit ups. I belive these were more difficult due to my large weight as i weighted in at 105kg.
But after i had finished my program i had put on 3kg due to an increase of muscle mass and a loss of fat. The reason i choose these tests was because they were specific to the exercises i was about to undertake for example with a push up it focuses on the core and all upper body muscles. Before each work out i did a series of proprioceptive neuromuscular facioitation stretches which i held for 6 seconds each stretch and after each workout i did a series of static stretches to help prevent the risk of injury. When i started doing my exercises the energy systems that i used changed between the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.
As i did exercises that invloved 10 reps, fast twitch fibres and a duration of less than 15 seconds i worked anaerobically but when i did my core intival training my body used interplay. As i started out my body was working anaerobically but as my heart rate rose to over 80% max heart rate and the workout went for longer than 2 minutes my body started working aerobically and used slow twitch fibre as well as when my exercise intensified to around 85% max HR the onset of hydrogen ions accumalated in certain muscles due to the inabillity to continue my workout and muscle pump in the active areas.
After a couple of weeks of training aerobicaly my muscles got trained to be able to pospone the high accumalation of h+. The reason i choose the exercises i did was because each demonstrated a differnt muscular contraction or a mixture of each. flys, planks, sit-ups and push ups used isometric contractions, biceap curls, bench/chest and shoulder presses used concentric contractions and with pull downs and shoulder pull ups used eccentric contractions.
All exercises were specific to the muscular area i was trying to improve, each day i worked on one part of the body for example on a Monday i would focus just on my chest and on a wendsday i would work on my biceps. The reason i choose to do my program like that was because it was easier to remember what area to work on and gave each muscle grouple a huge workout instead of doing 5 different areas each day.
With reference to my diary each workout showed progresive overload either with an increase in weigth or frequency and after a day or two i explained how my body showed the signs of delayed onset muscular soreness due to the overload. The only issue i ran into with my workout was that some days i wouldn’t have a spotter which made my workouts quiet difficult. After i had finished my six week trainig program my muscular strength had increased dramatically with my biceap strength increased 7. 5kg, chest strength increased 7. kg, core strenght increased 2. 5kg and i was able to dely the onset of hydrogen ions from 25 reps to 35+ reps, etc. The whole process was more than enjoyable. I learnt many different exercises from other experience weight lifters and many pointers to help improve my skills. The program has helped me outside of weight lifting, such as being able to pass and throw further while playing basketball. I might of improved my program by working with a friend to make the workout more enjoyable and to help assist me in lifting.

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