Mcdonalds Marketing Case

Published: 2021-06-29 16:40:04
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Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy. In particular, how does McDonalds approach the issue of standardization? As we read in the article, the key elements in McDonald’s marketing strategies would be the following: They sell inexpensive food. Compared to other restaurants, McDonald’s food has a good taste and is easily available for everyone economically. Another element would be their quick service.
Since they are a fast food restaurant, one of their main standards is to attend and serve the customer as fast as possible, leading to instant and receptive satisfaction from the customer. A really important element that leads McDonalds to become successful is their clean, familiar environment. In most of their locations, features such as the famous “Play Place” keep customers coming back. Children are a very important group for their selling strategies.
As well as any other business, McDonalds is into advertising in every way and promoting as best as they can. One of their major global marketing strategies for McDonalds is that they adapt their food to each region, but doing it in a way that they keep selling and offering the same product in a way people from that particular region can consume it. Buying products from local suppliers is another important point in their strategy; not only are they helping the economy of that country, but they are also promoting their own products with their ingredients.
This helps creating a special bond with the community implied, making a special emphasize on the trust gain; “you can’t doubt about my product if you helped me made it”. Another strategy they use is that they build their installations for the commodity and pleasure of the customers. This is point is just as respectable as any other considering the new vision the current market has, people today want to hang out on cool/chic places, convincing everybody they’re as cool as any other person on a magazine photographed on a similar place.
And we may add to all this new image renovation that McDonalds was one of the first establishments where Free WiFi could be given to any customer, this shows how commited is the company to these new generation of customers and their technological needs. McDonalds is constantly changing or adding to its menu, therefore, it makes the people wanting to try or experience their new products, which is a strategy they use internationally; people keep coming back because it is not the same old boring restaurant hey visited when they were kids, it might also not be the same restaurant they visited a month ago… considering McDonalds constant reinvention. In conclusion, we can all have the wrong assumption that we can find the same BigMc in every single country, truth is, every BigMc may look and taste similar but behind that hamburguer its a whole different story, and a whole different mouth to please.

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