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“Information is power” is the often quoted paradigm. I am amazed by the daily examples of this statement in real life. Efficient and effective management of information guarantees excellence. My long term goal is to acquire masters in Business administration. The real advantage of an MBA, however, is its proven versatility. Due to their qualification, graduates of an MBA programme have higher chances of obtaining and holding a high-level management position.
Masters in Management Information Systems has a core management curriculum and offers engineers a tech-savvy alternative to an MBA. MIS is a perfect blend of managerial skills and technical skills and makes the student a techno-manager. Masters in MIS is the perfect course for me as it lays a solid foundation for my future goals i.e. to pursue an MBA degree and also helps me to gain necessary skills to manage information.
Right from Kindergarten English was the medium of instruction and this has added to my English language proficiency. I am at home with the atmosphere and usage of English. I am also adept at German. At SRM university where I obtained my bachelor degree, learning a foreign language is mandatory for two semesters. I have been actively engaged in extracurricular activities in order to achieve an all-round personality development. I have participated almost in each and every activity those are conducted in my school. I got medals, awards, and certificates to my credit during state level science talent examinations consecutively for two years. I won several prizes in Debate, Essay writing competitions held at district level. I also participated in Blood Donation Camps.
Interest in logical and computational thinking led me to take up Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my major subjects at the Pre-University level after completing my Schooling with 86%. I completed my pre-University education with 87.5%. In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the breadth of SRM University syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Mechanical Engineering and a strong conceptual understanding of the same.
In partial fulfilment of my Bachelor’s degree, I worked on a project, “Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Using Bio-Diesel”. During this period, I understood the importance of managing the information. The abundance of data, coupled with the unavailability of powerful data analysis tools, has given rise to a “data rich but information poor” experience. This created interest in me in managing the information. This inquisitiveness made me to learn courses like C and C++ at APEC an ISO 9001:2000 state owned software training institute in 2014. I scored 93% in the proficiency test and cleared the exam with A+ grade.
During my final year of studies, I was selected in campus interview in a software giant WIPRO which demonstrates my overall aptitude. I was trained at WIPRO in SAP-CRM.
Experience at Wipro provided me with my first experience of working in a corporate setting. Wipro has a system of developing the executives with consistent thrust in improving the skills on various job related topics. Performance of the trainee is evaluated through exams. To confirm a trainee, Wipro has three steps – Clearing technical exam, completing a real life lab and having more than six months of billable project experience. I was one among very few who could complete all the three tasks in the first year of working itself.
After working for 18 months at Wipro, I had tried to pursue my long term of goal of obtaining MBA and started preparing for GMAT. I scored 710 marks but having only 18 months of experience came in the way of getting MBA admission in renowned institutes of USA. Thus I FAILed in my first go. The true meaning of “F A I L” is First Attempt In learning as stated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India and acknowledged as the missile man of India. I noticed during the application process for MBA that candidates with more than eight years experience are being offered admission in top business schools. Hence I again started chasing my goal and continued my career in SAP MM module as Associate Consultant at M/s Clyptus Software Solutions Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad, a software publishing, consultancy and supply company to bolster my candidature.
The job demands dynamic skills. I learnt the value of time and met the deadlines most of the time. I was ready to work for extended hours and due to this I was chosen among the batch mates whenever the ticket has short time to complete.
After working for 18 months, I took a break from the service and prepared for GRE and TOEFL. After attaining the required ranks, I started working again in a multinational company, “Miracle Software Systems Inc”, Vizag. The company has presence in four continents having headquarters at Novi, MI, USA to have hands on experience of JAVA and Web development as these are some prerequisites for MIS in the Major I am interested in.
Compared to advanced western countries, India falls rather behind in terms of teaching and research of MIS. USA provides the best possible academic life. It facilitates improvements in technology and equips me with the knowledge of integrating technology with business. It offers programs perfectly combining cutting-edge engineering courses with modern business practices and opens a new world of opportunities.
Now, after having acquired the basic aptitude, skills, knowledge and work experience in the field of Information System, I feel this is the apt time to pursue my graduate study in the field of my interest and consider that my aptitude and aspiration find a terrific match in your program. Browsing the pages of your University’s website, I find myself certain that pursuing this program is the ideal step for my academic as well as professional career.
I am confident that I will develop invaluable research skills while having the privilege of interaction with accessible professors and intellectually-gifted colleagues. I trust in the saying “the best way to learn is to learn from the best” and this constitutes the true motivation behind my present application. This is the essential reason for my application for a Masters program at xxxxxxx university which enjoys an undeniable top ranking in MIS research.
Undergoing a formal training in MIS from the prestigious Kelley School of Business would set me on the right path towards realizing my career goals. The multifaceted curriculum will provide me the opportunity to nurture my techno-managerial skills. The Master’s program at this university will enable me to acquire expertise and kindle the flame in me to warm towards the relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill.
I trust in the citation, “The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Everything else will become obsolete over time”. To improve my learning skill, I sincerely request the esteemed Admission Committee to favourably consider my application and provide me with a suitable platform for the attainment of success in my desired field. I look forward to being a part of the incoming class of Fall 2019.

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