Indigenous Religions Essay

Published: 2021-06-11 10:50:04
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( 1 ) In chapter 2. the text edition writer uses assorted footings for “indigenous religions” : traditional. Aboriginal. autochthonal. tribal. nonliterate. primal. native. unwritten. and basic. Choose four or five of these footings and discourse why you believe each of those footings is applicable to the faiths covered in this chapter. ( 2 ) Why do so many autochthonal faiths have such a fear for nature? Autochthonal faiths have such a fear for nature because they have deep regard for Earth. It has strong spirit. and tonss of point that could incorporate spirit.
Mother Nature offered them so much land to love and to make a favour back in return and shows their love to her. Nature is a populating energy to some people belief the same as people. The word autochthonal refers to set down and earth every bit good. which involved nature itself. ( 3 ) Discuss several of the sacred patterns that are common in autochthonal faiths. Some several sacred patterns that are common autochthonal faiths are that they do are holding dances around the fire. They sometime huddle together and make some sort of forfeits or ceremonial to demo their holy regard for their belief. ( 4 ) Discuss the province of autochthonal faiths today.
Short Answer Questions ( 2 points each ) :
( 5 ) What is animism? ( 6 ) In general. what is the relationship between the homo and carnal universes among autochthonal faiths? ( 7 ) How do autochthonal faiths. in general. choose their “sacred spaces” ? ( 8 ) How are ascendants viewed in most autochthonal faiths? ( 9 ) What “big events” in life are normally marked by ceremonials in autochthonal faiths? ( 10 ) What is a tabu? What are some illustrations of tabu in our modern civilization. and are they spiritual or cultural in nature? ( 11 ) What is a priest-doctor. and what function does the shaman drama in autochthonal faiths? Shaman is a bookman who help steer people on their religious journey.

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