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Published: 2021-07-04 05:00:05
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BACKGROUND Petronas as a biggest company in Malaysia are well known to Malaysian people and when we mention about Petronas, normally people will think about petroleum, refineries, KLCC and many more products of Petronas. There are many advertisements involving Petronas in the market, such are LPG gas advertisement, Petronas petroleum fuel, Petronas Grand Prix and Formula 1. There are many advertisements to promoting the products of Petronas instead of branding.
On the other hand, Petronas also did the contribution due their social corporate work whereby they have done a good social work with giving interesting short video clip on the commercial advertisement on the television. There are many commercial advertisements that have done by Petronas on the television and they make the advertisement as a compulsory to them and will come out during the certain period of celebrations in Malaysia for example on Hari Raya day, National day and other national celebration.
There are also many social advertisements released by the other big company like Petronas such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), PROTON, and Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM). However, Petronas’ advertisements are more attractive and succeed to give an impact to the audiences. Its shows that advertisements are really creative and succeed to touch the people heart who are watching on it. One of the advertisement from Petronas that caught my interest was the advertisement about “ Burung Murai”. This advertisement was released during Hari Raya celebration period on 2007.
THE STRENGTHS General Petronas advertisements always been watching by the audience and there already have a trust on the Petronas’ advertisement. Petronas has succeed to put on the audience minds that their advertisements are unique from the other with clear story line, attractive ways of presenting the idea, and touched the heart with the feelings of emotion. Petronas always come out with new idea and do not lack of interesting ideas. The idea was fresh and suit on environment makes them acceptable to any background of audience.
Consistent with their advertisements and never missed to come out with new advertisement in every single celebration in Malaysia makes their advertisements are wanted for their audience to see the new one. Focused on moral values instead of promoting the products makes the messages on the moral values are delivered to audience. The messages is clear and easy to understand References http://www. petronas. com. my/internet/corp/centralrep2. nsf/frameset_corp? OpenFrameset http://www. kujie2. com/perayaan/iklan-raya-petronas-yang-mana-paling-best. html

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