?How does pace of life and mentality influence lifespan?

Published: 2021-07-02 01:05:05
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How does pace of life and mentality influence lifespan? I have no time for books, no time for…everything. Time and energy. I must study something, hurry somewhere, struggle for my miserable existence. What the hell do I need it for, such existence? But I have to, my instinct does not allow me to stop, it rides me hard as a draught-horse, to my last breath. And that is how everyone feels.
Basically, any conclusive evidence that mentality or pace of life is responsible for the lifespan was never produced to me thus leaving me on the position that there is no any direct coherence. However my belief is that modern man has no control whatsoever over his pace of life in general. If the living model of other species is controlled by instinct and nature, then the one of human being is under the influence of social prescriptions rather than natural inclination, so the imposed ideals rule the pace, aim and course of life.
While the Nietzsche’s dead God is in the past, modern life is patterned after “chasing dead gods” model, for most of it passes in doing what you don’t need, to get what you don’t like. The social standards become a vicious circle at the stage, which makes me ”think of the sledge-dogs in London’s books, who slave until the last breath and die on the track”. So the society is somehow developing into implicit Auschwitz, where you have to adjust (or rather annihilate) yourself to fit in i.
e. become Kapo, corrupt or lucky. Strength is on the side of machine-like “things-to-do-list” performers, whose body and mind are strictly disciplined and devoted to the goal achievement. Others are left out, condemned to extinction. And that is not bad, just…the truth of life. “It’s not the world is vicious, it is something congenitally defective in me. ” So the truth is somewhere between Rousseau and Hobbes, “natural goodness” and “bellum omnium contra omnes”.

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