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Published: 2021-06-22 20:25:04
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Since 1955, McDonalds has been a driving force to make history. The restaurant has served some of the world’s favorite foods. From drive-thru restaurants to college credits from Hamburg U the restaurant continues their journey to create more history. On this journey McDonalds has made strides to provide eco-friendly restaurants that reflect the sustainability goals (McDonalds. com, n. d. ). In this initiative the restaurant has focused its attention on going “green” which will be discussed in this paper, along with the forces behind these initiatives and any certifications the restaurant has received.
Green Initiatives McDonald’s has 31,000 restaurants in 118 different countries so to establish one environmental blueprint would not work, thus the efforts have been redirected to try individualized environmental initiatives. There are multiple initiatives across the world McDonald’s has initiated: • Energy Consumption: In order to reduce the energy consumption of the kitchens McDonald’s is using networking equipment from Echelon Corporations (Environmental Leader, 2007). In Pensacola, Florida is digging 55 holes, 350 feet deep to heat and cool the new restaurant with geothermal energy (Environmental Leader, 2007). • In North Carolina, McDonald’s will have a touch-screen display that will tout the environmental benefits of the building. This LCD touch-screen is an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (Environmental Leader, 2009). • Optimizing oil recycling: Majority of McDonald’s in the U. S. are participating in an oil recycling program, which resulted in about 13,000 pounds of used cooking oil per restaurant every year (csrwire. om, 2010). • Waste Management: With the help of McEnvi, a proprietary tracking software with filtering options that supports planning and tracking of waste quantities and cost, McDonald’s in Germany is managing waster of its 50 restaurants (csrwire. com, 2010). • Greener restaurants: In Europe many of the McDonalds are implementing solar panels, windmills, heat recovery systems and recyclable building material. 11 restaurants in the UK send their waster to an energy-recovery facility and test environmentally-friendly technologies (csrwire. com, 2010). Water Conservation and Waste Reduction: Australia restaurants use low-flow spray nozzles, dual-flush toilets and extensive native landscaping and water conservation through irrigation practices. In Chile, disposal of three million mobile phones and five million computers containing toxic materials resulted in the recycle of electronic waste and turn it into useful materials (csrwire. com, 2010). Driving Forces behind Green Initiatives McDonalds is actively involved in different communities by sponsoring charitable events, making sure there is diversity in the workplace and committed to achieve their goals in sustainability.
I believe other driving forces behind the green initiative is for environmental protection such as reducing waste, recycling programs, water and energy conservation and much more. Another driving force may be a marketing strategy. With more customers appreciating and supporting organizations that are environmentally friendly, this is a great way for McDonald’s to win not only the support of the public but business as well making it a profitable and successful company.
In recent years the public has brought forth awareness of the un-healthy foods being served which resulted in McDonald’s to focus on ways of improving methods and become a leader in changing the perception of the public that McDonald’s is striving to provide healthier choices. Finally, McDonald’s is attempting to be compliant with different organizations that focus on animal welfare, manufacturing of safe and recyclable products and to make sure the food is safe and healthy. Implementing ISO 14000 Protocols In 1999, the majority of McDonald’s have met the standards of ISO 14000.
In August of 2008 McDonald’s USA opened the first corporate-owned pilot green restaurant for which McDonald’s received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification of April 2009 (McDonalds. com, n. d. ). This certification was issued by U. S. Green Building Council. The design included high-efficiency rooftop mechanical equipment and broilers, interior lighting with skylights and daylight controls, water-conserving toilets and plumbing fixtures, high-efficiency LED lighting for exterior signage, vegetated green roof, and much more (aboutmcdonalds. om, 2009). Having ISO 14000 certification gives customer the perception that the processes and products McDonald’s practices are compliant with the best standards set by International Organization for Standardization. Marketing advantages are a part of being ISO 14000 compliant because it can be an advantage over other restaurants. Total Quality Management (TQM) has five main performance objectives: Speed, Cost, Dependability, Quality and Flexibility. • McDonald’s drive-thru uses these objectives daily.
The target for speed in the drive-thru is 90 seconds but it is not possible to meet it with every car and customer. McDonald’s has created several options in order to overcome this obstacle: Proper drive-thru management (dual line layout, two window check-out), Mobile entry terminals, adopt a new system (Delphi order confirmation where digital photo of car is taken in order to match the order to the car). • Cost: are customers being overcharged? Can prices be lowered? McDonald’s created the Value meal strategy, daily specials and more.
McDonald’s uses the customer order display (order is automatically displayed after it is taken), this ensures precision and eliminate mistakes and wasted time correcting mistakes. Energy management: these are expenses of lighting, cooking appliances, utility costs and such. Investing in new equipment can eliminate some of the costs. • Quality: What is the quality of the meals? McDonald’s has surprise quality checks in which periodic inspections are conducted. The restaurant also is improving training process and the way employees are taken care of.
There are on-line learning tools to assist employees as well as recognition programs. • Dependability: how can McDonald’s make its processes more reliable? Using the dual line and window system will ensure that customers will rely on the system to get them what they ordered in the period promised. • Flexibility: what processes be adjusted to meet customer requirements? Having multiple trained staff benefits the company by having a versatile staff that are able to work at any station (no author, 2005-2009).
To summarize, McDonald’s is actively working to improve their impact on the environment and initiatives across the world with the ongoing initiative to become “green”. From waste reduction, to water and energy conservation, to better equipment, recycling, LCD screens among just a few. McDonald’s has taken steps to be compliant with ISO 14000 and has become LEED Certified. References: No author, 2005-2009. Retrieved from http://www. freeonlineresearchpapers. com/total-quality-management-objectives retrieved on December 4, 2010. No author, n. d. , Retrieved from http://www. mcdonalds. om/us/en/our_story/values_in_action/greener_than_ever. html on December 4, 2010. No author, 2010. McDonald’s Announces “Global Best Practices” in Sustainable Supply Green Initiative. Retrieved from http://www. csrwire. com/press_releases/29527-McDonald-s-Announces-Global-Best-Practices-in-Sustainable-Supply-and-Green-Initiatives- Retrieved on December 5, 2010. No author, 2007. McDonald’s Green Initiatives Different for Individual Markets. Retrieved from http://www. environmentalleader. com/2007/12/23/mcdonalds-green-initiatives-different-for-individual-markets/ Retrieved on December 4, 2010.

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