Gay reasons people might argue against gay

Published: 2021-07-05 01:15:05
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Gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, the first gay marriage was May17, 2004 in the united states between two women Tanya Mcclockey who was a massage therapist and Marcia Kadesh who was an employment manager at an enigernerring firm. Now in the 20th century gay marriage does not stand by many people especially if others have their own culture and way of getting married. According to the civil rights supreme court of the united states, in the 14th amendment women/ men should have the right to marry the same gender as they want. Therefore, states shouldn’t keep same sex marriage away from people. Some people might argue that it is not right and how it is not appropriate for their kids to experience. Some reasons people might argue against gay marriage is because this is what god believes is right for men and women to have a committed relationship, get married and have kids, others might argue because marrying a women has always been that way and should stay that way, even though most gay couples raise kids. Regular marriage is slightly different from same sex marriage. In addition, regular marriage is recommended or consider with a female/ male and also cultural universal. To begin with, I believe that people have the right to marry any gender they want to because gay marriage doesn’t take away regular marriage. Gay marriage is not a threat to traditional marriage. Gay/ lesbian people have equal rights and should be able to be happy and have a family now a days. Massa chutes became one of the 50 states to legalize gay marriage and have their equal rights to get married. According to the ruling of the supreme court the 14th amendment cannot take away any person’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and cannot take away their equal rights meaning they have the right to marry whomever they want. In the united states we have a government which is part of a democracy so everyone 18 and older has the right to vote. In 2010 States that did allow same sex marriage were Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Massachutes and Vermont. States that did not allow same sex marriage at that time were California, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island and Washington DC. Gay vs regular marriage: With gay marriage they are still able to care for children just as regular married couple. Same sex marriage has been very popular lately in the states. Another argument against same sex marriage is the fact that in certain states/ countries have limited rights were they are forced to marry whom their parents chose for them to marry. Gay marriage tends to be more egalitarian in a way because some people don’t support same sex marriage as they would regular marriage. According to researchers they say there are important lessons to be learned by continuing to stay both happy and successful. In addition, with regular marriage, the act of marriage is usually between a man and a women. I’m not saying that same sex marriage is wrong, but I believe that marriage should follow in with a mother and a father. Regular marriage isn’t a priority in life. Regular marriage can do more damage than same sex marriage, in addition to regular marriage between a women and a man it can be more harder to communicate or even take care of kids in a traditional marriage. The act of marriage is conferenced in couples be closer together and achieve sexual interaction. The traditional principle of a regular marriage is founded that a husband has the equal rights to support his wife and is the wife’s duty to do house care. In the past it has mean that the husband is on duty to provide for the family, while the wife has traditionally entitled to taking care of the house. Furthermore, now there are changes and with marriage women have the right to work as much as men do and still take care of their kids as well. Whether it’s a civil union or a marriage is a sort of guide that can help gay or straight couples maintain a long term relationship. Same sex marriage was established state by state according to the supreme court system. Same sex couples is a constitutional has the right to marry. Obergefell v. Hodges legalized hay v marriage nationwide. In conclusion, although support has increased widely around the states in same sex marriage there are those who still oppose of it. Gay LGBT: stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and those who are that are more likely to consider love very important for getting marriage. Gay marriage isn’t a reason to argue about because everyone has equal rights and nobody can tell you who to marry endless its tradition that you have to follow. In a committed relationship it’s important that you are happy and at the end of the day I support gay marriage.

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