Equal Opportunity, written by Walter Mosely Essay

Published: 2021-06-18 17:05:06
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In this short narrative. Equal Opportunity. written by Walter Mosely. Socrates Furtlow. an ex-convict. faces the quandary of acquiring a occupation. Socrates served 27 old ages in prison after killing two of his friends while drunken. Furtlow was now populating life as a bumb who went around selling old bottles and tins to do a life. This narrative tells his battle to happen honest work as a black adult male in society because of his background. He ended up lying on his application because he was afraid of what people might believe. Although there was favoritism and discourtesy non being wholly honest with people may come back to hangout you subsequently.
A 58 year-old adult male who hadn’t worked in 37 old ages would hold a difficult clip happening a occupation as it is the fact that Socrates was an African American didn’t make anything easier. Socrates assumed topographic points of concern in his place vicinity. cognizing his background. wouldn’t even think of engaging him. So Socrates traveled about 14 stat mis and 3 coach transportations from his flat in Watts. to a Bounty Supermarket to seek and acquire a occupation. He had been practising for a hebdomad on how he would inquire for his occupation application.
Though he was a liquidator and non a stealer. as he entered the shop. he wondered what the workers would believe if they knew of his prison background. The helper director. Anton a immature white adult male came up to Socrates and asked if could assist him. Socrates felt as though he was being miss treated from the get go. After Socrates asked for “an application” Anton played dense playing as though he didn’t understand what sort of application he was inquiring for.
Once Socrates made it clear he was at that place for a “job application” Anton had yet another contemptuous inquiry. “Uh. How old are you. sir? ” ( p. 2626 ) Bing a adult male of imprisonment of 27 old ages. Socrates knew his rights and knew that it was improper to know apart against person by their age or race. Anton continued to state that they didn’t have any gaps at the clip and made it clear that he wasn’t traveling to acquire an application. Socrates besides made it clear that he wasn’t traveling to be turned away so easy.
“I know what you said. But first you looked at my chothes and at my barefaced caput. First yo’ eyes said that this is some kinda old tramp and what do he desire here when it ain’t bottle salvation clip. ” ( Gates and McKay p. 2626 ) Everyone should hold an equal chance in acquiring a occupation and at least a just opportunity with an application. After Socrates and Anton discussed their rights and the jurisprudence the helper director went to the chief office to bring and application.
The elevated office looked over all the check-out procedure counters and where Socrates stood waiting. Socrates was so centre of attending to all the bag male childs and draughtss as they all knew their foreman. Anton was unhappy. Anton and an older white adult female exchanged a few words so she handed him the application and he stormed back down to Socrates. Impolitely passing him the app Anton was about to travel on with his twenty-four hours but Socrates wanted a pencil to make full it out and give it back.
He had come a long manner to turn in an application non merely have a sheet of paper and wasn’t go forthing until he did so. Thirty proceedingss subsequently Socrates stood at the pes of the stepss taking up to the chief office with his about completed application in manus. Nearly 40 proceedingss passed and he knew they could see him and he could see them but he waited patiently. on the exterior. though inside he was believing of throwing a brick through the window.
He had a few inquiries for the director. Ms. Halley Grimes. when she eventually came down to take the application but she impolitely tried to brush my off as though she were excessively busy. She told him they would give him a call if it went through the chief office and came back all right. He so told her he had no phone and it would be better if they wrote to him. but she unwilling to assist in any manner explained that without a phone she could make no more for him. He begged for her to merely direct it in anyhow and he would happen a manner to be in touch. So for five back-to-back yearss Socrates took three coachs to the Bounty Supermarket to inquire if they had heard from the caput office.
The adult female started to worry and state Socrates once more that because he hadn’t a phone he couldn’t work at that place and that he returned she would name the constabulary. On the 5th twenty-four hours he showed up and two gentlemen from central offices were at that place to talk with him. Socrates told his narrative and how he had been mistreated from twenty-four hours one and that he was told he couldn’t work if he didn’t have a phone. Socrates so explained that with no occupation he couldn’t afford a phone and with no phone he couldn’t acquire a occupation.
That is likely the most inauspicious manner of demoing the significance of “equal opportunity” . The two work forces explained why he would non be able to work at that location because Ms. Grimes was afraid of him. but that they may hold a occupation in Santa Monica. Liing on an application is a offense in itself. Socrates didn’t fill in one inquiry on his application know if they knew what he was he wouldn’t have a opportunity at a occupation.
The two work forces noticed the clean inquiry and confronted Socrates. After all his talk about equal chance and the jurisprudence. he lied and said it was merely an honorable error and that he was clean. So the two work forces gave him the occupation in Santa Monica and he would eventually hold a payroll check coming in. that is until the untold comes back to seize with teeth him in the rear. You can be fired merely every bit fast as you were hired. or decelerate in his instance. if you lie on an application.
This narrative begins a series of confrontations ( with force lying merely below the surface ) that explore both the necessity and the sarcasm of equal chance.
Plants citedGates. Jr. . and Nellie Y. McKay. The Norton Anthology of African American Literature. 2nd. New York: W. W. Norton & A ; Company. 2004. Print.

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