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I. At the controls: starting or stopping, set-up, adjusting. II. Where the machine cuts, turns, drills, shapes punches, or moves in any way: cleaning and III. Maintenance, trouble shooting and repair, adjusting, setting up. IV. At the gears, wheels, cylinders, belts, rollers, chains, cables, sprockets, cams. V. Around lift trucks and moving equipment.

VI. Around conveyors, elevators, and cranes.
VII. Around any machinery and equipment that can produce energy on you. VIII. Where you feed materials into the machine: loading, cleaning.
There are several means in controlling machine hazards:
Safety Guards and Devices.
Safety Procedures and Practices.
Personal Protection
General safety tips:
Safety glasses with side shields must be worn at all times.
Do not wear loose clothing, loose neckwear or exposed jewelry while operating machinery. Do not work alone in the Student shop.
Pull back and secure long hair.
Do not wear thin fabric shoes, sandals, open-toed shoes, and high-heeled shoes. A machinist’s apron tied in a quick release manner should be worn. Always keep hands and other body parts a safe distance away from moving machine parts, work pieces, and cutters. Use hand tools for their designed purposes only.
Report defective machinery, equipment or hand tools to supervisor.
Dos and don’ts of machinery safety for workers
Check the machine is well maintained and fit to be used. Make sure it is appropriate for the job and it’s working properly and that all the safety measures are in place – guards, isolators, locking mechanisms, emergency off switches etc. Use the machine properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions Make sure you are wearing the appropriate protective clothing and equipment required for that machine, such as safety glasses, hearing protection and safety shoes. Don’t
Use a machine or appliance that has a danger sign or tag attached to it. Danger signs should only be removed by an authorized person who is satisfied that the machine or process is now safe. Wear dangling chains, loose clothing, rings or have loose, long hair that could get caught up in moving parts. Distract people who are using machines
Remove any safeguards, even if their presence seems to make the job more difficult
Before starting the machine make sure it is: Safe for any work that has to be done when setting up, during normal use, when clearing blockages, when carrying out repairs for breakdowns, and during planned maintenance. After using the machine make sure it is:
Properly switched off, isolated or locked-off before taking any action to remove blockages, clean or adjust the machine. Safety Guards and Devices
Guards and safety devices can help protect you from dangerous contact. Guards, barriers, and safety devices must Prevent your fingers, arms – or your whole body from getting into a danger zone. Guards must be designed and placed correctly in the machinery. Right size opening and distance to person.
Guards must work well and fit the machine right always.
PPE should be used to maintain machinery safety in the shop:
Eye and Face Protection
Hand Protection
Body Protection
Foot Protection
Respiratory Protection
Hearing Protection
To ensure machinery safety, proper maintenance of the machine should be done: Equipment must be inspected and lubricated every week. Sharpening and cutting tools must be inspected every week and sharpened when necessary. Because dirt is a major cause of machine misalignment and malfunction, machines should be cleaned after every use. The company should have an emergency policy:
Know the signs of possible emergencies.
Know how to shut down your machine in
Case of emergency.
Know where to find the fire extinguishers.
Know where to find the first aid area and first aid kit.
Know whom to call for help in a health or
Safety emergency.
Know where to go in case of emergency.
Importance of Machinery safety
increased productivity
reduced health care/insurance costs
a safe and healthy work environment
increased job satisfaction
reduced risk of fines and litigation
reduced workplace injury and workers compensation costs.
improved corporate image

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