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During the period of slavery, enslaved Africans were used as labours on the British Caribbean plantations.These Africans were captured and brought to the “New World” (discovered by Spanish explorers and Christopher Columbus.)and forced into a system of servitude.However, this research will prove that the enslaved Africans did not give up their culture after leaving Africa, while on the plantations.
Harsh treatment of slaves by the planter, often forced slaves to resort to their various forms of resistance in order to keep their culture forms alive.Even when the planters made the slaves life extremely difficult, the slaves still managed to retain as much of their culture.
Cultural forms practised by African slaves on the plantations included music and dance, religion, medicine, language, food, skills, customs, and dress.
The Africans practiced Shango, Kumina,and Pocomania on the plantation on different islands.They practice spirit worship and spirit possession,they would go to an obeah man who would provide charms and promises of protection to the slaves.There was a mixture of African and European religion such as voodoo in Haiti, shangoism in Trinidad, Santeria in Cuba, pocomania/revivalism in Jamaica.
They would use a lot of herbs to cure many of their diseases, these were prescribed by either the bush doctor, obeah man or myla men and women on the estate.
Many dialects and languages were spoken by the Africans amongst each other therefore it was not easy for them to communicate.So the slaves evolved a common language creole made up of French and spanish elements and patois made up of english and african elements.These forms of dialects or languages were passed down from generation words such as (patois words: pickney,nyam, and greo).
The consumption of ground provisions like yam, black-eyed peas, potato, dasheen, banana, ackee(came from west africa) and plantain all came from the African cuisine. Some of the cooked food made were jerk chicken, callaloo, coconut rundown, fritters. The cooking method of jerking meat was derived from their culture.
Africans dance and sang at nights and on the weekends to entertain themselves, when they were working they sang call and response songs in the fields and any work they did. It was their way of communicating without the planters noticing what they were saying in the songs.They sang and danced at celebrations such as Christmas, crop over, and at funerals and at their worship services, which they held in secret.
They used drums, rattles made from the gourds filled with small stones or seeds, flute, banjos, mouth violins, tambourines, and xylophones produce their music.Dancers sometimes tied rattles to their legs and wrists, while the onlookers clapped their hands rhythmically as they sang along.The planters generally disliked the slaves music because they felt that the music was noisy.

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