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Published: 2021-06-29 03:00:04
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Janie thomson Mrs. Schmitt English 110 24 September 2008 Give Me More Hair, make-up, shoes, and clothes- it seems as if the possibilities never end. What young girl wouldn’t love the magical world of dolls? Dolls have been around for generations, entertaining little girls by allowing them to imagine all the glitz and glam of being a woman. What these girls do not realize, is the message that is subjected into their young sponge-like brains. Dolls, like any other toy, have their star days, until the “new” doll comes out.
This perpetual creating of newer, “better” dolls instills a strong sense of materialism, greed, and vanity into young girls. Ultimately, this will face them with the question that many adults find themselves wondering: when is it ever enough? Toy companies are responsible for keeping up with the latest trends, and keeping children entertained. The problem with this is that every time manufacturers come up with a new doll, it seems as if that new doll also must come with new “stuff”.
I thought Barbie had it all; Mansions, Jacuzzis, even the perfect man. Apparently, that was not the case. Once the old Barbie’s hair is butchered and has a missing leg, it’s time to shove her in the closet with the rest of the old dolls and buy something new. Out comes Polly Pocket, she has everything that Barbie had, except it’s all small enough to fit into a size 5 shoe. How genius, now Polly Pocket has all the room she wants, for all the stuff she wants. What more could a young girl ask for? That is, until the next doll comes out.
This pressure put upon young girls to be up-to-date with the new, “cool” dolls makes them unappreciative of what they have, and fills them with a constant longing for more “stuff. ” This can cause conflicts with parents, friends, and other relationships later on in their lives. It becomes a never-ending trap, and this faculty of greed becomes imprinted in these young girls’ minds. Materialism is easily carried with young girls into womanhood, and can be very detrimental to their self-image. It’s never been a secret to parents or toy manufacturers what an inappropriate role model Barbie was for young girls.
However, that didn’t stop parents from supporting the companies by allowing their children to play with their toys. With this support, more and more dolls are created, such as the Bratz doll. This doll would wear similar skimpy outfits as Barbie would, but with more voluptuous lips, and larger eyes. Suddenly, girls are obsessing over this doll’s look, which once again changed the definition of beauty. In their minds, dolls are the epitome of perfection, so they start to believe that possessing those features is necessary in order to be beautiful.
This can negatively affect them in social situations, and ultimately drown their self esteem. Women have so much pressure as it is, with the media shoving commercials of beautiful women down their throats, do young girls really need that stress as well? Their innocence should be prolonged for as long as possible, not broken from the burden of dolls. Since the “doll world” portrays no moralities of inner beauty, intelligence, or creativity, vanity is the only lesson girl’s carry with them as they grow up.
As young girls, our dreams are kept in doll houses and are achieved with every new doll for the collection. Although these are thought of as positive illusions when we are young, the outcome is entirely negative. Dolls are a very inappropriate enculturating device, and can damage many aspects of a growing girl’s life. The immoral land of dolls deals young girls a very unfortunate card. Materialism, greed, and vanity are not bags that a girl should carry with her to her womanhood, and with the influence of dolls, it’s a likely hand.

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