Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement?

Published: 2021-06-27 00:35:05
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I clearly agree with that,People pay too much attention to the less important things in life. Unfortunately people in this days have become very careless about what is going on with the environment, people around them and many other important things. The influence of the media is mostly responsible for this. Instead of appreciating what they have, people constantly want more, and this makes them fail to appreciate their urgent global issues. The rate of poverty is constantly inclining.
Huge gaps between the rich and the poor because people care only about themselves and do not worry about the problems of others. For example of this is , while a child suffers in Africa from drought, famine and poverty, the daughter of a wealthy family in Europe is very worried about which dress she will wear to her next party and the dress has to be more expensive than the one of her friends. People can turn unimportant things like these into the most crucial worries of their lives, while others do not even have the chance to find clean water to drink .
If everyone who had enough wealth to help others,actually most of the issues in this world would disappear in no time. There is also the influence of the media on many people. The media constantly advertises less important things, and influences people to believe that those are what is important in life. People have driven by this and start to focus on having the best beauty products, buying new car, funiture and other things that, put into people’s minds by the media.
If the media did the opposite and focus on the issues of the world and help who needs to and encouraged people to help others, or to protect our world from many issues like pollution, waste, then people would care more about these, the number of problems in our world will be gone. In conclusion, the age we are living in really encourages us to focus on the less important things in life, and blinds us from seeing the real and larger issues.

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