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Published: 2021-06-11 09:30:04
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Danshui piecing computing machine difficult thrusts on a contract that was fulfilled at the terminal of May 2010. although the assembly difficult thrusts was different with assembly of Iphone. Danshui was confident that its workers would accommodate to the new assembly undertakings and that it could engage and develop the extra workers as needed. But in fact. Danshui didn’t manage employee belongings. The workers showed low efficiency in assembly Iphone with produced lower measure than budgeted which is 180. 000 units alternatively of 200. 000 units. Other than that. Danshui couldn’t hire adequate qualified labour to acquire production up to 200. 000 units even though they raised rewards by 30 % because of Foxconn get downing wage by 35 % to the labours. In add-on. Danshui operation section maintain holding brassy memories harm job. there were about 1. 000 brassy memories harm in August. It’s shown that Danshui’s labours are non plenty accomplishment to assembly Iphone. We suggest that Wentao Chen could form more training plan for labours to work out the job of harm of flash memories because of labours might miss of accomplishment in assembly Iphone since they are more familiar in assembly computing machine difficult thrust before on contract with Apple. In order to better the accomplishment of labour in assembly Iphone so that will be diminish the figure of harm of brassy memories. and the decreasing of figure of harm will be diminish the cost of assembly and increase the gross. In add-on. for the job of couldn’t hire adequate qualified labours to acquire the production of 200. 000 units per month even though Danshui had raised the rewards up to 30 % . In order to work out this job. we would wish to propose Wentao Chen to use the intrinsic demand of labour.
For illustration. Danshui can put up a Childcare Centre for return attention the kids of labours or supply free repast for those holding over clip workers and their kids who in Childcare Centre. For illustration. Maybank has undergone assorted concern transmutations in the last four old ages to heighten their service offerings to their clients. better operational efficiency and to concentrate attempts on their most valuable plus – their people. Presently. Maybank has put in topographic point a program to construct a child care Centre to be used by employees during exigency state of affairss. Parents who are faced with challenges in procuring child care services are able to use the Centre for a impermanent period of clip whilst they beginning for alternate child care services and installations. The Centre will supply parents with a safe environment. high-quality attention every bit good as provide merriment activities for their kids when their regular attention supplier is unavailable or during exigency state of affairss. The child care Centre is presently under building and marks to open its doors to employees by the last one-fourth of 2013. We believe it’s can carry through the satisfaction of employees and increase the keeping of employees. in the other manus Danshui besides can pull labour to work in Danshui without raising rewards. Other than that. Danshui can better the productiveness of labours to acquire the production of 200. 000 units with their high satisfaction to Danshui. Wentao Chen could assist Danshui to acquire the production of 200. 000 units without improve accomplishment of labour or better the productiveness by satisfied the labours. he could utilizing “outsourcing” to acquire 200. 000 units production to make the trade with Apple. Danshui can outsource to other similar assembly maker for 20. 000 units to carry through the Apple contract.

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