Cyber Intrusion

Published: 2021-06-30 15:45:05
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1. Identify the chief issues discussed in this article. ( 45-65 words ) ( 4 Markss )
The chief issue in this article is James Raj Arokiasamy who allegedly calls himself ‘the messiah’ was caught and faces four charges, including one for choping into Ang Mo Kio town council’s web site. He was besides a wanted drug wrongdoer who had been on the tally since 2011. ( 48 words )
2. Specify the term ‘cyber intrusion’ and discourse what can one make to be safe from being a victim. ( 100-200words ) ( 4 Markss )
Harmonizing to the definition of cyber invasion is to compromise a computer science system by interrupting the security of such a system or doing it to come in into an insecure province. The act of irrupting or deriving unauthorised entree to a system typically leaves hints that can be discovered by invasion sensing systems ( LoveToKnow, Corp. , 2014 ) . Based on United States computing machine exigency preparedness squad, there are a few methods to forestall cyber invasion, some of the manner are to deploy a Host Intrusion Detection System ( HIDS ) to assist barricade and place common onslaughts or we can Use an application placeholder in forepart of web waiters to filtrate out malicious petitions ( Security Recommendations to Prevent Cyber Intrusions, 2011 ) . ( 117 words )
3. Base on this article, identify and explicate the evidences on which the defense mechanism attorney may establish his statements for the possible acquittal of Jamess raj arokiasamy? You may mention from external beginnings. ( 100- 120words ) ( 5 Markss )
Base on this article, the prosecution had earlier told the tribunal that James Raj said he was enduring from attending shortage hyperactivity upset ( ADHD ) , despite is protest, the tribunal ordered for him to be remanded at the institute of mental wellness for psychiatric rating. ( ADHD ) is a neuro-developmental upset of self-denial. As the name suggests, the symptoms of ADHD are characterised by serious and relentless trouble in three countries, viz. inattentive, unprompted and overactive ( Insitute of Mental Health, 2012 ) the defense mechanism attorney may establish on the credibleness of a psychiatrist study to make possible acquittal that James Raj suffers from ADHD and is non in the right province of head when he was involved in the offense. ( 117 words )
4. Discuss in deepness why hackers like James Raj Arokiasamy, do what they do although they are to the full cognizant that cyber invasion is a offense? ( 120-150words ) ( 5 Markss )
James Raj claiming to talk for activist hacker group named anon. . Anonymous is a regular characteristic of political life on the Internet. They leaks, drudge and make mass protest normally against the authorities. Anonymous has modern-day geopolitical power, the ability to set down media attending because of its bold and recognizable aesthetics ; in peculiar, they are unpredictability ( Gabriella Coleman, 2013 ) . James Raj said “ I oppose censoring and back up a free and unfastened cyberspace. ” demanding the authorities to reconsider the ordinances of their model or James will be forced to travel to war with them ( Asiaone, 2013 ) . Hacker like anon. do what they do because they think that they are contending for the freedom of cognition in the cyberspace but alternatively they are merely doing a possible yarn to the society and the privateness of the people. ( 135 words )
5. Based on research, discuss the ways hackers may stand for a possible menace for administrations such as Bankss and authorities. ( 110-130word ) ( 6marks )
Research had shown that hacker have the proficient abilities and cognize how to infiltrate and work secure banking systems. This action can ensue in fiscal losingss such as you hard currency, recognition and debit cards and your personal informations. ( The Dallas Morning News Inc, 2014 ) Hackers are alone in presenting a menace along the full spectrum of aims that might harm state involvements. These menaces range from propaganda and low-level nuisance web page disfigurements to espionage and serious break with loss of life and extended substructure break. Critical substructure hacker can weaken, interrupt or destruct the state for onslaught intents, espionage for engineering promotion, and break of substructure to assail the state economic system. This full graduated table onslaughts have to potential to set down Bankss and the authorities. ( ICS-CERT, 2005 ) ( 129 words )
6. Based on what you have learned in this faculty, how would you use your accomplishments in understanding this article? Indentify and explicate THREE accomplishments. You may mention from your text edition or other beginnings. ( 180-200words ) ( 10marks )
In this faculty I’ve learnt the skill term placing the statement. In this research I am able to place the statement believed to be true and nowadayss as statements or grounds for consideration by the audience. A proposition may turn out to be true or false. The decision should usually associate closely to the author’s chief place ( Cottrell, 2011, p. 41 ) . By utilizing this I can rapidly state what the writer is seeking to convey across to me. The 2nd set of accomplishment I applied is one of the credibleness standards known as repute. This may associate to facts cognize about persons or interviewees’ professions. The differing reputes of media beginnings should be considered as good choice national newspapers are by and large viewed as more reputable than the popular yellow journalism newspapers and magazines ( Swale, J.2008 ) . By cognizing this I merely beginning my research from more reputable web site for illustration the authorities web site to derive more credibleness. The 3rd accomplishments is besides one of credibleness standards called expertness, think about whether a informant has relevant cognition and experience to give sound grounds Amateur web sites may miss expertness ( Swale, J. 2008 ) . From this I know how to seek from expert who is specialised in the field instead than Wikipedia ( 198 words ) .
7. Summarize this article in one paragraph. ( 80-100 words ) ( 4 Markss )
In decision, James Raj was arrested at Kuala Lumpur condominium where he had carried out the cyber-attacks. He was face with four charges including one for choping into the web site of Ang Mo Kio town council on October 28, the remainder were for drug ingestion committed back in May 2011.The tribunal ordered James Raj to be remanded at institute of mental wellness for psychiatric rating because the prosecution had earlier told the tribunal that he is enduring from mental unwellness. Another 15 Singaporeans are helping with police probes into possible offenses of taking portion in public assembly without license.
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