Critical Analysis of DNA Replication in Bacteria Essay

Published: 2021-06-19 01:05:05
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Deoxyribonucleic acid reproduction is a biological procedure that occurs in all life beings and transcripts their Deoxyribonucleic acid ; it is the footing for natural heritage. The procedure starts when one double-stranded DNA molecule produces two indistinguishable transcripts of the molecule. The cell rhythm ( mitosis ) besides pertains to the DNA replication/reproduction procedure. DNA reproduction. in eucaryotes. is controlled within the context of the cell rhythm. As the cell grows and divides. it goes through phases in the cell rhythm ; DNA reproduction occurs during the S stage ( synthesis stage ) . Whereas bacteriums do non travel through an exact cell rhythm but alternatively. they continuously copy their Deoxyribonucleic acid. The research conducted in this survey was to see if. in fact. that cell size had anything to make with the induction of DNA reproduction in bacteriums. The aims and hypothesis was clearly stated in the paper. In order to happen the reply to their inquiry. the research workers used Escherichia coli ( E. coli ) and Bacillus subtilis ( B. subtilis ) in their experiment. Both E. coli and B. subtilis are common and good known bacteriums that are used in research.
They took the E. coli and B. subtilis and placed them in specific media for each measure the in procedure of reproduction. They used the procedure of microscopy to assist them see the specimens. since they were unable to see them with their bare oculus. They besides used flow cytometry to assist them to place and screen through the cells and their Deoxyribonucleic acid by staining them with a fluorescent dye and observing the fluorescence through a light microscope. This helped them to cipher the figure of reproduction forks per cell. along with the cells age and size at induction. The research worker did an first-class occupation depicting each media and staining technique that they used during their experiments. For illustration. they explained precisely how much food agar each specimen was placed in during the initial “growing” stage. The research workers besides made certain to utilize precise measurings and computations for each measure in their experiments. They were so punctilious that. if need be. a pupil or professor could reiterate the experiment for their ain research. The lone thing that should hold been taken into consideration is the temperature at which the specimens were obtained and grown.
An illustration of this would be the temperature of the room/lab that they conducted the research. This could hold played a immense function in whether or non the size of the bacteriums would impact the sum of DNA needed to retroflex. The findings were presented in such a manner that one could understand the result merely by looking at the graphs. charts and tabular arraies that were presented alongside of the documented authorship. The findings were reported without prejudice. This is due to the grounds that was collected during each measure of the experiment. It is really hard to describe something with prejudice when the studies show/explain what really occurred. The overall result of the survey was that. regardless of size. DnaA needs to construct up to a certain sum in order to trip induction in E. coli. which was thought to be the instance in the beginning. In contrast. little B. subtilis cells could originate reproduction with sums of DnaA that were 30 % less than the natural cells.
As a consequence. while DnaA is speed restricting for induction in both beings. the mechanisms commanding its activity may change in different bacteriums. In decision. the research survey was done to the highest notch. The research workers covered each spectrum that was needed to turn out the result ; which was that each bacteria needs DnaA in order to originate reproduction. but it does non count the size of the cell because each one is different. This research could decidedly be helpful. particularly when you want to cognize how fast it takes bacteriums to turn and retroflex. when it comes to happening a drug to handle a bacterial infection or disease. The lone thing that should be taken into consideration or documented following clip is the temperature of the room or location that the experiments were conducted. Besides that. the research survey was completed and explained to the extreme highest criterion.
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