Crisis and Trauma Counseling Essay

Published: 2021-07-05 19:50:03
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Crisis and Trauma Counseling
Wright who is the writer of this book begins by discoursing his ain single quandary where he had to do a determination. Wright narrates a life narrative which serves as a footing through which the human determination devising topic is built. Wright uses this attack to associate to his reader whilst analyzing trauma guidance and besides personal crisis. Wright defined the crisis nature where he depicted that there is no person who can get away the crisis inevitableness. In this respect the writer stated that persons should ever be prepared on how to cover with crisis which is a critical issue. In this book focal point finally shifts to depict the scriptural ways which can be used in assisting persons to draw through from the traumatic experiences. Through his book. Wright shows a strong apprehension of emotions and feelings of the people ( Wright. 2011 ) .
This book depicts the Christian mission in helping those who are in desperate demand in a mode that Jesus did. In the book. Wright provides valuable information that would function as an plus for laic individual or Christian counsellors. He besides discusses about the life of Jesus where he states that Jesus was and even now is a theoretical account to be emulated by all the Christian counsellors. All the Christian counsellors should take by illustration and all their attempts should be directed in assisting those persons who are confronting crisis and non aching them. Wright provides some scriptural rules including ways of using Bible during a guidance session and understanding the injury or crisis procedure. The scriptural position of Wright can be of great importance to those persons who are in assisting profession and seek out in making the work of God. Wright besides emphasizes on listening. edifice resonance. holding empathy. trust and giving hope to those sing injury and crisis. He besides provides Bibles together with personal histories purposed to organize footing for inexperient counsellors in the profession in add-on to those who want to better their accomplishments. He besides provides a assortment of techniques to the readers with an purpose of steering the Christian counsellors through their journey in assisting victims who are in crisis. The book besides providers the readers with improved understanding ways of nearing subjects like loss of loved 1s or self-destruction ; whether they are kids. adolescence or grownups ( Wright. 2011 ) .
Wright recognizes the frights that curates while walking into new state of affairss which involves crisis or injury. He states that larning on ways of managing these state of affairss through pattern and instruction will better the accomplishments of the curate in helping the victims. The writer besides advises readers on utilizing scriptural rules to help the individual to develop bravery to assist him or her to persist through the difficult times. The writer in his book a good counsellor should hold the ability to keep her or his lingua. In this respect Wright shows that a good counsellor should pattern active hearing. In this respect they should listen with their organic structure. eyes and besides by confirming apprehension every bit good as empathy. Wright gives a recommendation that counsellors should size up themselves prior to reding other persons on state of affairss. One recommendation of the dumbbell is that curates should utilize Jesus like an illustration to them of how to handle the trauma/ crisis victims. This is because Jesus portrayed his ability to accept those persons who were aching. In this respect. Jesus was able to assist and love persons through their heartache through this credence. The writer besides advises about the counsellors inquiring the inquiries from the clients so as to understand more about the state of affairs of the client prior to giving advocate ( Wright. 2011 ) .
Concrete Responses
I had a really traumatizing experience when I was merely 9 old ages old. This was when I was kidnapped by unknown felons as I was coming back place from school. They pretended that they were asking something from me and so they got keep me and I was forced to come in into an awaiting auto and so sped off at high velocity. They were four cats and I was threatened that in instance I tried shouting they would hit me to decease and I was really panicky. One of the cats covered my eyes utilizing a piece of fabric and I was taken to an unknown edifice. I was chained and I was tortured both physically and psychologically. I was beaten utilizing a cane and even shocked with the electric cords where I went through untold agony. The torturers threatened that they will finally kill me and I will ne’er see my household and friends once more. Those evil torturers besides tortured me by pouring boiling H2O to my legs. Finally. I was rescued after two hebdomads of snake pit and I was rushed to a infirmary where I was admitted for a month. All this clip. many inquiries kept lingering in my head sing to why I had to travel through this traumatizing experience at such a stamp age. I developed hatred and resentment to every alien and I had to be taken to reding Sessionss to retrieve from the full traumatizing event. My household and friends were every bit disturbed by that traumatising experience. I will ne’er bury about that awful experience in the remainder of my life.
This book has many positives and Wright who is the writer is able to supply a valuable usher on how to cover with injury and crisis. He is able to associate all this scriptural rules through his scriptural position which instills hope to those who are enduring. Through this scriptural position the Christian counsellors are able to understand the whole procedure of injury or crisis therefore they are able to use Bible in their guidance Sessionss. Through the usage of scriptural rules those people who are undergoing difficult times are able to derive bravery to persist. The writer advises the counsellors on how to go good counsellors so as to be able to assist persons to draw through from traumatic events. The writer besides shows a great apprehension of the feelings and emotions of the persons. He besides advised the counsellors to emulate Jesus as a perfect illustration of how to handle the trauma/crisis victims ( Wright. 2011 ) .
There are besides some negatives about the book for case ; the writer states that traumatic events were non common in the yesteryear as they are in the modern-day society. This is non needfully so because in the past people did unwrap their traumatic experiences that happened to them. Besides in the past the media did non publicise force to a great extent as it does today since in the past persons were more private regarding such affairs. Another negative thing refering the book is the manner Wright treated the topic refering confrontation. Before he mentions confrontation Wright focuses more on reding accomplishments like empathy linking these accomplishments to the behaviours that Jesus portrayed. Wright went in front to associate confrontation to demoing empathy for a individual in helping them to do improved picks. However. the book fails to indicate out the idea of scriptural reproof and besides the ideal state of affairs when this kind of confrontation should be used. This is because when confrontation is employed excessively early in a instance of a relationship it can botch the resonance of the curate with the client ; nevertheless the sort of confrontation required is besides a crucial topic which is supposed to be discussed. Therefore. the writer provided limited information sing how to face the clients and besides make up one’s minding the ideal clocking for such confrontation ( Wright. 2011 ) .
This book will move as an of import usher in my life so that I can be able to assist those who are traveling through assorted traumatic experiences in their lives. Life is full of such events and hence this will assist me in fixing me to cover with such state of affairss and addition bravery to persist such experiences. I will get down establishing all the experiences that I undergo and those that my friends are undergoing though a scriptural position. I have learnt to be a good counsellor by following active hearing when assisting the victims of trauma/crisis. I have learnt on how to handle the victims confronting crisis/trauma through listening to them. constructing resonance. holding empathy. trust and transfusing hope to them. I have besides larn how to near subjects like loss of loved 1s and self-destruction among others. I have besides decided to take an action and emulate Jesus who was an model figure in helping people. I will besides be mentioning to the book from clip to clip as a manner of smoothing my accomplishments as a counsellor. I have besides learnt how and when to inquire inquiries from the victims necessitating aid so that I can be able to understand their state of affairs so that I can be able to give them valuable advocate ( Wright. 2011 ) .
Wright. H. N. . & A ; Wright. H. N. ( 2011 ) . The complete usher to crisis & A ; trauma guidance: what to make and state when it matters most! ( Updated & A ; expanded. ed. ) . Ventura. Calif. : Regal/From Gospel Light.
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