Comparison and Contrast Sonny and Charlie Sonnys Blues and Babylon Revisited Essay

Published: 2021-06-19 12:30:05
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Fighting with an dependence is one of the most painful and awful experiences one could of all time travel through. It can get down out little or simple. so all of a sudden it is a full on dependence. In James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues” dependence is a force that is to be reckoned with. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited” . paints the perfect image of what dependence can make at its greatest. These narratives can truly confirm how dependence can set many obstructions up that are really hard to get the better of. It is good established in our society that get the better ofing hardship can take to success in many degrees.
In “Babylon Revisited” and “Sonny’s Blues” both nuts have major battles in facing and get the better ofing adversities in their lives. but when they are eventually gone life is back to aim once more. Despite a few unsimilarities “Sonny’s Blues” and “Babylon Revisited” . have a batch in common. such as. dependence. imprisonment. and redemption. First. these narratives are similar because of dependence. In “Sonny’s Blues” we find that Sonny is addicted to heroin early on. “He had been picked up. the eventide earlier. in a foray on an flat business district for mongering and utilizing diacetylmorphine. ( 434 )
Sonny had battled a long dependence to the harmful drug before eventually acquiring in problem and functioning gaol clip. Sonny. unlike the other childs in Harlem. did non move difficult or mobster. He had an older brother who tried to look after him every bit good. He had counsel and advice at a immature age but the streets of Harlem took control. Sonny wanted to happen an flight from Harlem ; he turned to heroin as that pick. In “Babylon Revisited” Charlie is plagued by the dependence of intoxicant. He used to patronize the bars every dark. He spent many darks rummy under the influence of intoxicant.
He had a girl who kept him on the consecutive and narrow. She was his motive to crush the dependence. Charlie searched for significance in the bottle. The remembrance of the past paves the manner toward the hereafter. The hole that Charlie seemed to delve himself into with intoxicant is something that he will ne’er be able to bury. He has damaged more than merely himself because of his dependence. These narratives are similar because of dependence. Second. the narratives are comparable because of imprisonment. The imprisonment is caused by the dependences.
In “Sonny’s Blues” Sonny is a captive to Harlem. he realized early on that he was non traveling to interrupt the stereotype of being a hapless. black. inner-city child from Harlem. He realized the obstructions and loads that were in front of him. His brother warned him several times how unsafe and corrupt life is in Harlem but Sonny ne’er took it to bosom. He so turned to heroin to happen the flight he had been seeking for all along. which led to his gaol sentence. Now. Sonny was literally held prisoner to the really thing he was utilizing for his flight.
Yet. when he smiled. when we shook custodies. the babe brother I’d ne’er known looked out from the deepnesss of his private life. like an carnal waiting to be coaxed in the visible radiation. ” ( 438 ) Sonny’s brother had viewed him as an animate being who has been trapped in the wretchedness of his life. and now that he is free. he wants to cognize if he is genuinely free from the dependence of the yesteryear. Sonny’s brother is seeking to state that he felt like he ne’er knew his brother before but now that he has suffered the life of prison. he can see the lesions that his awful yesteryear had caused.
But he can still detect the bosom of Sonny. He sees that deep down Sonny is the same he has ever been irrespective of his yesteryear. The storyteller is eventually confronted with the world that Sonny is in fact his brother and he is now his brother’s keeper. a duty he had ran from the bulk of his life. In “Babylon Revisited” Charlie is imprisoned by his yesteryear. He will ne’er genuinely be able to bury his yesteryear. He is invariably reminded of it anyplace he goes in Paris. His alcohol addiction has led him to a life of bibulous memories. He besides can non get away his failed matrimony.
The reminiscence of the past can calculate the hereafter. Because Charlie lost his married woman. he is prevented from populating with his girl. which is the thing that will assist him bury his yesteryear. These narratives are similar because of imprisonment. Finally. these narratives are likewise because they both feature redemption. In “Sonny’s Blues” Sonny gets his redemption through music. When he is released from prison he is looking to acquire off from the same life that got him at that place. He besides knows that Harlem is a metropolis full of desperation and drugs. which he can non avoid. But he finds his redemption through music.
When he is urged to fall back into his old life he plays music to resuscitate himself from it. “For. while the narrative of how we suffer. and how we are delighted. and how we may prevail is ne’er new. it ever must be heard. There isn’t any other narrative to state. it’s the lone visible radiation we’ve got in all this darkness. ” ( 453 ) the storyteller describes how music changes his brother into the adult male he wants him to be. In “Babylon Revisited” Charlie finds redemption in through his girl. Even though his friends and household attempt to convey him down. the one thing he puts his religion into is his girl.
In order to be saved from something you must be consumed by something else. Charlie was consumed in his yesteryear and could non allow travel. But when he is with his girl he finds grim joy that he can non look to happen anywhere else. These narratives are similar because of redemption. Addiction consumed Sonny and Charlie. It was something that opened many doors that they did non desire opened. It caused them both to lose their full lives. Even though they lived they are everlastingly haunted by the yesteryear of their old dependences. These narratives are similar because of dependence. imprisonment. and redemption.

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