Chapter 2 Review Questions – Information Systems Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 02:40:07
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1. When finding the appropriate hardware constituents of a new information system. what function must the user of the system play? a. Peoples involved in choosing their organization?s computing machine hardware must clearly understand current and future concern demands so they can do informed acquisition determinations.
2. Identify two features of RAM and ROM.a. Random Access Memory is impermanent and volatile. Read-Only-Memory is nonvolatilizable and lasting.
3. What is RFID engineering? How does it work?a. Radio Frequency Identification is a engineering that employs a micro chip with an aerial to air its alone identifier and location to receiving systems. The intent of the system is to convey informations by a nomadic device. called a ticket. which is read by an RFID reader and processed harmonizing to the demands of an information system plan.
4. Identify the three constituents of the CPU and explicate the function of each. a. The arithmetic/logic unit ( ALU ) : The portion of the CPU that performs the mathematical computations and makes logical comparings. B. Control Unit: The portion of the CPU that consecutive accesses plan instructions. decrypt them. and coordinates the flow of informations in and out of the ALU. the registries: the primary storage. and even secondary storage and assorted end product devices. c. Register storage country: particular. high-velocity country within the CPU ; impermanent storage country. It works under the control of the control unit.
5. What is Solid State Storage engineering? What advantages does it offer? a. A brassy thrust is an illustration of SS engineerings. It shops informations in memory french friess instead than magnetic or optical media. B. Memory french friess need less power and provide faster informations entree. and have merely few traveling parts. so that they are less delicate.

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