Bay Area potters sell on June 17, open their studios on June 24.

Published: 2021-06-17 19:05:05
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More than 70 Bay Area ceramists and glass-blowers–many of them award winners–will participate this month in their annual spring exhibition and sale. On Sunday, June 17, the Association of San Francisco Potters and Glass Blowers celebrates a quarter-century of excellence at the Hall of Flowers in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The following Sunday, June 24, you can see 33 of these artists at work during open houses and demonstrations at their studios and galleries. Functional works–bowls, plates, vases, teacups–will be shown, along with one-of-a-kind sculptural or museum pieces. You’ll see stoneware, porcelain, earthenware, raku, and handblown glass. Everything will be for sale; prices range from less than $10 for many cups, plates, and bowls to around $1,000 for some exhibition pieces, including the work of individuals whose creations are available only in prestigious galleries and museums. Pieces on a sale table will be continuously discounted during the day. The Hall of Flowers is in Golden Gate Park, on Ninth Avenue off Lincoln Way. Show hours are 10 to 5; admission is free. The following artists will open their studios and galleries on June 24 between 11 and 4. Unless noted, telephone numbers are area code 415. San Francisco Annette Corcoran, Jacqueline Steiner, 81 Rico Way; 921-2072. Some functional, some sculptural. Ellen Felcher, 142 Whitney Street; 648-0180. Sculptural. North Bay Gail Caulfield, 36 Front Street, San Rafael; 457-3120. Large sculptural pieces and functional stoneware. Diana Crain, 173 Live Oak Drive, Petaluma; (707) 795-2451. Functional; custom dinnerware. Miriam Licht, 1 Ralston Avenue, Mill Valley; 388-8510. Functional. Dale Roush, Highway 1, Stinson Beach; 868-1514. Functional stoneware; architectural commissions. Ruenell Foy Temps, 150 Arroyo Road, Lagunitas; 488-0988. Functional and sculptural salt-glazed stoneware. East Bay Romilla Batra, 76 The Plaza Drive, Berkeley; 654-8913. Sculptural. Diane Blacker, Bill Creitz, Glenn Spangler, 430 Carlson Boulevard, Richmond; 235-3090. Primarily functional. Adele Chase, 501 Cliffside Court, Point Richmond; 237-5477. Custom tiles. Meredith Cooke, Eve Lurie, 1051 Fifth Avenue, Oakland; 835-1888. Functional. Patricia Garrett, 1448 Sixth Street, Berkeley; 526-6019. Functional. Anne Goldman, 1972 Meadow Road, Walnut Creek; 935-4165. Functional and sculptural; sandblasts unusual textures. Jim Gremel, 1625 Kains Avenue, Berkeley; 524-4726. Functional. Denah Griffiths, 45 Monte Vista, Orinda; 254-5252. Functional. Gary Holt, 1449 Fifth Street, Berkeley; 527-4183. Functional; custom dinnerware. Addie Jenkins–Earthworks Pottery, 2547 Eighth Street, Berkeley; 540-9267. Functional. Merry Kyle, 1265 Dewing Lane, Walnut Creek; 934-9496. Sculptural. Jeff Margolin, ASUC Studio, Student Union, UC Berkeley; 642-3065. Functional; pit-firing. Suzanne McCulloch, 374 Vassar Avenue, Berkeley; 524-5368. Functional. Mayer Shacter, 4820-A E. 14th Street, Oakland; 532-1213. Functional. Anne Stewart, 120 Purdue Avenue, Berkeley; 524-8060. Functional. Andree Thompson, 1809 Short Street, Berkeley; 841-0588. Sculptural. Waltraud Weber, 77 Edgecroft Road, Berkeley; 524-8142. Functional. South Bay Craig Anderson, 1020 Berkeley Avenue, Menlo Park; 322-2202. Functional. Nancy Franklin, 13209 Padero Court, Saratoga; (408) 867-4535. Sculptural. Sandra Johnstone, 101 Higgins Avenue, Los Altos; 948-4807. Functional, including salt-glazed pottery. Rick Sherman, 11265 Canyon Drive, San Jose; (408) 251-8004. Functional. Bea Wax, 518 Byron Street, Palo Alto; 326-0695. Sculptural; specializes in murals. The Association publishes a newsletter, and sponsors workshops, exhibits, and lectures. Write to 1724 Sacramento St., San Francisco 94109; (415) 673-1079.

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