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1. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the Carmex marketing team in collecting data to narrow the flavor choices from three to two using (a) an online survey of a cross-section of Internet households or (b) an online survey of Carmex Facebook likers. Answer: a. Even though the case study is about using Facebook for marketing research, this particular question is about general online survey. The advantages of online surveys are: •Instant results and report generation and updates •Low cost •Better response than traditional, phone or snail mail surveys Some of the dis-advantages are:
•Does not reach every household. •Does not include all types of consumers, such as senior citizens •Survey requests via Emails might be annoying and people might ignore/delete •Surveys might end up in spam folders. •Consumers might just fill up the survey in hurry to get promotional offer and may not be true to their beliefs. b. However on the other hand survey of Carmex Facebook likers is little different. Facebook is social media. So people go by choice on Facebook. Majority of the likers, if not all in reality are Carmex product users or belong to the family of Carmex users.
Some the advantages in using Facebook likers for the survey are •Loyal customers feel engaged, as their opinion counts. •Irrespective survey outcome, customer base is retained/increased. •Survey data is more valued as the responders know the product and not like the ones completing just to get some free promotions. •Does not get lost in emails/spams like other online survey. Disadvantages are: •Survey does not really cover broad consumer base. It has risk. •You are not adding any new consumers as part of the survey. •Current consumers are tuned to the current products and they are probably happy with it.
•Lacks the anonymity on responses. Some people might be hesitant to respond the flavor choices. 2(a) On a Facebook brand page, what are the “engagement” and “likes” really measuring? (b) For Carmex, which is more important and why? Answer: a. On a Facebook page •Likes count is the number of new online likers and it is the measure of size of brand’s Facebook audience. •Engagement is measures how actively involved are their Facebook audience. b. I feel Engagement is more important for Carmex. When people are engaged, they feel empowered. They feel part of something that is yet to come.
Carmex drives “engagement” with their consumers as an opportunity to grow their Facebook community and get the feedback to make their next product choices. The benefits of this strategy is to narrow the number of flavors to be researched from three to two and then to enhance the connections with its Facebook community. Narrowing the flavor choices reduces the cost of the marketing research substantially. 3. (a) what evokes consumers’ “engagement “on a brand page on Facebook? (b) What attracts consumers to “like” a brand page on Facebook? Answer: a. Facebook is social media. Consumers have ability to post their opinion as comments .
When their opinions are heard, they feel empowered. Open ended questions, someone else’s comments, or opinion polls also evoke consumers “Engagement”. b. Contests and Promotions attract the new consumers to like a brand on Facebook. Current consumers are attracted to “like” a Facebook page because consumers can comment or share their opinions about different products . There is risk that some people who are attracted by promotions might “unlike” or not “engage”. 4 (a) what are the advantages of using a fixed-alternative poll question on Facebook? (b) When do you think it would be better to use an open-ended question?
Answer: a. Advantages of fixed-alternative poll question are: •It is quick •Anonymous •More participation as it’s easy for some one to choose vs taking effort to write sentence or two . •Results are measured in real time. •Drives the engagement of existing fans/liker b. I think it would be better to use an open-ended question in following cases •To drive more engagement from current and new potential consumers •When Carmex is not sure about their list of choice and are open for more suggestions •When Carmex has more bandwidth to do research and are not hard pressed by time constraint.
•To attract more new likers to page, who wants to have their opinion heard . 5. (a) if you had a limited budget and two weeks to decide which two flavors to put into quantitative testing, would you choose a “poll only” or a “contest only” strategy? Why? (b) If you had a sizable budget and two months to make the same decision, which scenario would you choose? Why? Answer: a. If we had limited budget and limited time to make decision about two flavors among three choices, it makes perfect choice to go with “poll only” strategy because of following reasons •Quick results •Lowest cost as no need of running contest and giving away prizes.
•We are not looking at increasing likers, we are focusing on selecting 2 out 3 choices. b. On the other hand if we had sizable budget and two months of time to make the same decision, I would pick combined strategy of Poll and Contest for following reasons. •Using Contest, we can grow the Facebook page community by making mandatory to like the page before participating in contest to win. •Contest followed by Poll will drive the high engagement of the community with new likers as well. •Cost and time are not the constraint. Hence can take time to make more valued choice while increasing the consumer base even before launching new product.

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