Angles and Demons by Dan Brown Essay

Published: 2021-06-12 11:25:04
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Angles and Devils by Dan Brown was a reading pick out of wonder instead than existent involvement because of the Da Vinci Code by the same writer. I wanted to see what other plant of fiction Dan Brown came up with before his controversial book. This book had me raising my superciliums more than a few times with narrative line but that did non halt me from turning the pages until I got to the terminal. Angels and Demons fundamentally follows the same expression as the Da Vinci Code.
It begins with a slaying which merely Robert Langdon seems capable of work outing with his cognition of spiritual iconology and history ; a strong female character. Vittoria Vetra. girl to the slaying victim Leonardo Vetra. aids Langdon in his “quest” ; a hired bravo who is delusional. a overzealous and has unquestionable trueness to his belief carries out an unanticipated but well-crafted program ; an antediluvian secret society. the Illuminati. is out to acquire retaliation on the Church ; eventually. an unexpected originator who calls himself as Janus. works behind the drapes.
An anti-matter case shot was stolen from CERN when Leonardo Vetra was murdered and this is assumed to hold a life span of 24 hours before the batteries die and it explodes. Brown remains true to utilizing antediluvian spots of cognition to go forth a trail for Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra to follow from Switzerland to the Vatican City in order to happen the losing anti-matter case shot and happen the liquidator of Leonardo Vetra. The secret plan thickens when the anti-matter case shot bomb threatens the Vatican and the conclave in the procedure of taking the new Pope.
The book ends dramatically with a apparently marvelous event followed by the declaration of a new Pope. Though I enjoyed the pursuit more from Angels and Demons instead than the Da Vinci Code. I must state that. as a priest. Brown seems have some issues with the Church to come up with distressing constructs for his books. First you have Leonardo Vetra. a priest who turns off from the Church. He becomes a prima physicist of CERN and. together with his adopted girl. attempts to happen God through scientific discipline and research.
They seem to be successful with the development of the anti-matter. which was stolen when Vetra was murdered. You besides have a Pope who sired a kid with a nun. though through unreal agencies. The kid subsequently becomes his camerlengo. the Pope’s Chamberlain. The camerlengo. Carlo Ventresca. unaware of his paternal parenthood. slayings the Pope upon cognizing his dark secret with the belief that he is both cleansing and protecting the Church. Though the book is true a work of fiction. it borders on staining how Catholics and non-Catholics may see the Church and its priests.
Brown puts into inquiry the honestness and trueness of priests to the Mother Church and their committedness to the vow of celibacy. as seen with the Pope. It is shocking to believe that Jesus’ surrogates on Earth would be the first 1s to go against their vows. Brown besides pits faith versus scientific discipline. Leonardo Ventra is murdered for his research on anti-matter which can purportedly turn out the beginning of life. that scientific discipline can turn out God’s being. I’d like to believe that faith is a affair of religion and scientific discipline is a affair of fact. the two merely can’t mix when it comes to explicating God.
Then you have the camerlengo who is himself delusional and a overzealous in his belief that the Church. and non scientific discipline. is the salvaging power of the universe with himself at the wheel of redemption. He goes to great lengths to acquire the world’s attending. disrepute Science and put the Church on a base for the universe to see. Angels and Demons made me uncomfortable with the image of the Church that it created – a divided. close. revengeful and vulnerable organic structure. Readers. both Catholics and non-Catholics should be know aparting of the events in this book. lest they forget that this is merely a work of fiction.

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