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Published: 2021-07-01 06:45:05
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Competition in the business industry is very tight. More so, different business industries must attain various kinds of aspect factors that will maintain and provide progress to the company. One of the most important factors in attaining a very progressive company is having a strong and capable workforce. It is known that the workforce is the active factor in a business. More so, there is a need for different businesses to attain the best individuals that would provide the best services for the good of the clients and the company.
In order to attain the best team of individuals the company must be able to attain individuals who are willing to take an extra mile in the various activities and responsibilities provided by the company.  More so, the company must have a database where in different types of information is available such that of the personal profile and experience (Frase, 2007). However, due to the added expenses with such data bases many companies opt to create manual seeking of job hunters. However, there are available online data bases which enable different people to provide their personal profile which is highly helpful for many corporations. On the other hand, this concept is also an advantage to different applicants and job hunters.
In my experience, searching for a job is one of the most difficult tasks as an adult. There are concerns regarding different factors such as the level of responsibilities, the salary, the work environment and the likes. From the perspective of a job seeker, it is very important to attain a high quality of expertise with different industries possible.
Therefore, it is important to have the proper training and knowledge. On the other hand, the company’s perspective is more leaning to the well being of the company. Hence, it is significant to find people through different websites. In another view point, the companies that are able to provide training must enhance such the programs to strengthen the ability of their workforce (Holly, 2003).
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Holly, T. (2003). Hire A Standard: Improving Employee Section can Help you Fully Staffed. “HR Issues”. Pp. 109-112.

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