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Published: 2021-06-23 04:15:05
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Peoples say it is of import to hold a realistic position of life. For 99 % of people this is true. For most people. to non hold a realistic position of life is to put on the line failure to accomplish one?¦s ends and dreams. Such people normally become alone and acrimonious. Every so frequently. nevertheless. one individual garbage to accept what others call a ?§realistic view?? of life and insist on altering the universe about so to suit the vision they have in their caput. Such people has the power to alter the universe for the better or worse. for good or evil. Bin Laden is such a adult male. Unfortunately. he has chosen an evil way utilizing force and hurting to seek to coerce his position on others. non to convert so by superior ideas.
If people do non accomplish their ends and dreams. they would likely go disgruntled with their lives. For illustration. if a male child dreams his whole life of going a physician. but ne’er gets into medical school. he would likely stop up experiencing disappointed. The same thing is true for any ends a individual has in their life. For this ground. it is of import that people choose ends that are realistic and that can be achieved. Therefore. person should non be after on going the richest in the universe and marry the most beautiful individual in the universe because the opportunities are it will non go on.
Some people. nevertheless. garbage to accept the thought that they can non accomplish any dreams they have. A individual like this may make up one’s mind to go a physician even when his instructors say he will non be able to go through the trial. A individual like this will analyze so difficult and work so hard that he is willing to take the trial as many trials as he has to in order to go through. Peoples who are like this are sometimes the people who change the universe around them. Alternatively of allowing the universe state them what they can and can non make. this people pursue their dreams and seek to do the universe fit their dreams.
Peoples who refuse to accept a bound to their dreams can hold the power to alter the universe. Many celebrated discoverers in history did non listen to people around them who said ?§Give up. it won?¦t work?? . The celebrated Wright Brothers were the first to contrive aeroplanes. Many people told them ?§it won?¦t work?? . The Wright Brothers. nevertheless. garbages to listen to these people and follow their dreams. As a consequence. they helped alter the universe and now many people fly around the universe because of them.
Not all people who refuse to listen to others and follow their dreams are good. Of class the Wright Brothers and celebrated scientists like Einstein can be seen as good because they made innovations in order to assist the universe. Person like Bin Laden. nevertheless. is persuing his great dreams in order to ache the universe. Bin Laden has likely been told by many people that he will non be able to crush the United States and alter the universe. He has refused to listen to these people and has gone on to contend a war.
In contrast. both Bin Laden and Einstein have unrealistic position of life and both have dreams that they want to prosecute. The lone difference is Bin Laden pursues his dreams with power for evil intent. In decision. for most people it is of import to hold a realistic position of life since they risk unhappiness if they do non hold one. There are a few people for whom a realistic position of life is non needed since they will alter the universe through their actions. Hopefully. such people will alter the universe for the better and non the worse.

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