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Published: 2021-06-30 08:50:05
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A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.-Rabindranath Tagore
I think this quote describes the mind-set of a person. That is how a person trained his mind to do any work. It is that person should have both logical and sense of brain.
In other words, it can be said that the mind is full of logic, it doesn’t have any fundamental knowledge regarding the topic on which the decision is to be made. That means a person is making assumptions without having much knowledge about the topic. It is a mind which functions strictly on reason and sound ideas. A mind which works with exact mathematical problems. A mind without having emotions. A mind which becomes dull due to consistency of reasoning. A mind that lacks variety and which is colourless and passionless.
A knife comprise of both blade and handle. Similarly a mind comprise of both logic and imagination. If the “knife all blade” without handle it will hurt the hand that holds it. Same as if the mind all logic with no imagination, eventually kill the creative potential of an individual.
Just as blade is useless without a grip. Obviously a one who have a good grip on knife can use it, without a grip holding a blade by hand would only make one bleed. A logic is also useless without rationality, one doesn’t become logical through any method but one becomes logical by being logical. In view of this Tagore mean to say that logic without a passionate heart is useless. If you are only drive to logic it will bound to hurt your emotions and emotional attachments.
Just as a knife needs a handle along with blade, that we can use it properly without getting hurt. Also to live life fully we need more than a purely logical mind. Just like a little bit of fancy, imagination which makes life worth living. A purely logical person can’t enjoy the life of this beautiful world that we inhabit. Also can’t make the life worth living. As you have seen in today’s scenario there is so much of human relationships depend on emotions and feelings that we are completely rely upon our logics to navigate our lives that we are end up by causing damage to our own lives and relationships. A mind which works according to logic is rigid and unemotional.
For example-You are already late to your work and even after rushing you miss your bus. All of a sudden you find a person who met with an accident. Then the question arises here that would you continue and own your own business or stay there and help him??
And the answer is your logical brain will tell you to continue where your emotional brain will tell you to help that person by staying there.
A mind working on logic without human values such as sympathy, care, love etc. is like a sharp knife that will cut the hand who ever mishandle it. Without the above values human mind becomes evil. In place of good values, it focuses on greediness, jealousy, hatred, selfishness etc. which will always harm others and give deeper cuts than a real knife.
The history of mankind causes damage to civilization and our planet done by those humans who lived under this logical mind. All the wars and conflicts etc. constitute to inhumane logical mind. On the other hand, the heart is full of compassion and love. All the great teachers, leaders and philosophers were of divine emotions of mankind. Some people make their logic under human values and made a better place. Many men and women tried to teach mankind through various beautiful plays, stories and novels etc. how logical minds work and how it should be kept in control. If you use logic without having much imagination then you can’t succeed in life and your life will not worth living anymore. Just like with the knife also if the one should have a good grip on it, the person can uses it well. If not then it will hurt the hand as it causes to bleed who holds it.
The logical mind can’t be connected to the universe. The truth is logical mind is quite limited, its range is narrow. An illogical mind will kill the creative thinking of the people.
At last in the conclusion, we can say that we must not carry the sharpness of cold logic in our minds only, we should call the warmth of love and compassion in it too.

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