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Published: 2021-06-28 04:00:04
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Persons inherit many traits and features from their parents. The colour of your eyes, hair, and organic structure type can all be traced back to the cistrons passed on to you by your household. Possibly more of import to your hereafter good being than your outward visual aspect is the household medical inclinations you inherit. The United States office of the Attorney General states that obtaining an accurate wellness history and entering it can give you and your medical supplier information you need for better wellness ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.hhs.gov/familyhistory/ ) .The Family Medical Pedigree is besides called a Family Tree or Genogram ( Olsen, S. , Dudley-Brown, S. , & A ; McMullen, P. 2004 ) . The Pedigree is a diagram screening connexions to relations traveling back at least three coevalss. At a lower limit it includes day of the month of birth or age, sex, and wellness jobs ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nsgc.org/ ) .Once this information is gathered and recorded it can be shared with medical suppliers and other household members to supply information needed to do sound wellness determinations ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.hhs.gov/famlyhistory/ ) .
Significant Health History
Using the information contained in Jarvis ( 2008 ) , the National Society of Genetic Counselors ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nsgc.org ) , and Health and Human Services ( https: //familyhistory.hhs.gov/fhh-web/home.action ) , web sites I was able to build by ain Family Medical Pedigree. Sing the information in print allowed me to easy find the prevailing disease traits in my household. Jarvis ( 2008 ) , names specific diseases or conditions to pay peculiar attending to including: bosom disease, high blood force per unit area, shot, diabetes, blood upsets, malignant neoplastic disease, sickle-cell anaemia, arthritis, allergic reactions, fleshiness, alcohol addiction, mental unwellness, ictus upset, kidney disease and TB. In my Pedigree there is an obvious inclination towards cardiovascular disease. Specifically five of my relations have had myocardial infarctions ( MI ) , one MI resulted in decease, seven had/have high blood pressure including myself, my paternal grandma died from complications related to intellectual vascular accident that was caused by untreated high blood pressure, and my male parent died of kidney disease which was straight related to damage caused by high blood pressure. My female parent has high blood pressure and although reasonably good controlled she has had an MI and suffers from a retinal vena occlusion and macular devolution which has resulted in terrible vision damage. Furthermore osteo and rhematoid arthritis is really prevailing in our household. In add-on there is a strong maternal inclination towards hypothyroidism of which four females on the maternal side of the Pedigree have including me.
Lifestyle Contributing Factors
It is of import to observe that five of my relations had life styles that contributed to high blood pressure and three of the five besides suffered from an MI. My female parent and male parent were heavy tobacco users for most of their grownup lives, each discontinuing when the wellness deductions became obvious. My paternal aunt was a heavy tobacco user until an MI which resulted in her decease. Although fleshiness is a subscriber to high blood pressure and bosom disease, all of my relations had/have comparatively normal weights. My female parent has sarcoidosis and was actively treated for a long clip with Orasone which contributed to her vision jobs. Important to observe is that non merely did my female parent fume but she besides exposed herself to countless risky chemicals while working most of her life in kitchens. One would non believe a commercial kitchen as a risky topographic point to work until you realize the cleansing agents that are used on a regular footing. My female parent was and continues to be a cleansing overzealous and considers the harsher the chemical the better.
Torpy, J. ( 2006 ) claims that there are many theories about how sarcoidosis is acquired including environmental exposure, and familial inclinations. In add-on to sarcoidosis my female parent has age related macular devolution ( ARMD ) , the American Medical Association ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ama-assn.org ) states ( as cited by Haines, J. , Spencer K. , Pericak-Vance, M. , 2007 ) that ARMD has familial and environmental links particularly smoking.
Hazards and Risk Reduction
From reexamining my Family Medical Pedigree it is easy to see that I have inherited the inclination towards and the conditions of high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and arthritis. In add-on I am at hazard for ARMD and sarcoidosis which besides has familial inclinations. My doctor is really proactive and has taken my household wellness history into consideration in supplying my attention. I have had an EKG and stress trial, research lab analysis for arthritic arthritis and yearly I undergo trials to look into for kidney map and cholesterin and routinely supervise my blood force per unit area. I see an eye doctor every twelvemonth and hope that by cut downing my hazard factors for ARMD such as non smoking I do non yield to it. Finally I am on medicine for high blood pressure and hypothyroidism and I am happy to describe both are good controlled. Sing lifestyle I have ne’er smoked, and seek to remain every bit active as possible with horseback equitation and working and playing with my Canis familiariss. Another lifestyle alteration I should see is diet ; although I watch what I eat, I could make a much better occupation by extinguishing saturated fats and losing 20 lbs.
There are user friendly, easy accessible tools available on the cyberspace that can help everyone to make and enter their household wellness history utilizing a Family Medical Pedigree. The information gained can help persons to do informed determinations about their life style and medical attention. Olsen, S. , Dudley-Brown, S. , & A ; McMullen, P. ( 2004 ) confirm aa‚¬A“Appropriately used, a household history generated pureblood can be one of the wellness attention suppliers most powerful clinical tools for wellness hazard designation and preventionaa‚¬A? ( 295 ) .
Even the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin feels that accurate household medical history is of import plenty that she has created the Family Health History Initiative. This enterprise has made entering wellness information accessible to everyone by supplying a free online site to make your ain Family Health Pedigree ( www.surgeongeneral.gov ) . In drumhead by supplying a Family Medical Pedigree and working collaboratively with your medical supplier for proper showing, intervention, and lifestyle alteration you can diminish your hazard for familial diseases and preserve wellness.

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