A Class Struggle in Desperate Times Essay

Published: 2021-06-20 12:45:07
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John Steinbeck’s novel entitled The Grapes of Wrath is a narrative which depicts the spirit and self-respect of a individual during the most despairing of state of affairss. The novel is a fictional history of the life of the Joad household on their manner to the Promised Land of California from the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma during the 1930s ( Steinbeck 2 ) . The household. similar to several other sharecrop farmers and husbandmans populating in Arkansas. Texas. Oklahoma. and other provinces at the clip of the dust bowl and the Great Depression were forced to go forth their lands ( Steinbeck 3 ) . When it was foremost published in April 14. 1939. it rapidly became a bestselling novel ( Steiner 2 ) .
Although there were those who criticized the novel for seemingly being fundamentally sentimental and still others dismissed it as another illustration of societal news media or certification more than it is a fresh. most critics recognize the literary value of Steinbeck’s work. In fact. the writer even received a Pulitzer Prize for his work the undermentioned twelvemonth ( Steiner 2 ) . The novel is an onslaught on capitalist economy as it is about the predicament of the migratory workers. It condemned barbarous industrialism and monopoly capitalist economy ( Choi 90 ) . The subject of happening a place entwined with the political issues of the clip is of the kernel.
This is because even though the narrative chiefly has a political undertone. the writer however explores the ground behind the migration of people. how they struggle to happen their new places while seeking to happen out how it can truly be done. The novel was written at a clip the United States was fighting to last a terrible economic depression ( Steinbeck 3 ) . People all over the state have practically lost everything they own. The farming countries located at the Midwest experienced the worst effect of such crisis. Soil depletion was brought approximately by hapless agriculture patterns.
As a consequence. husbandmans who depend on it for endurance were forced to seek for other ways to back up their households. Furthermore. the monetary values every bit good as markets for the harvests have dropped. These events produced a important alteration in agribusiness of the part. Small farm lands merged with bigger and more commercial 1s. Manual labour has been replaced by mechanical agencies. The state experienced dry dirt eroding brought approximately by mighty wind blows and endured serious nutrient crisis during in-between portion of the 1930s. The status produced what came to be known as the “dust bowl” in Colorado. Kansa. Texas. and Oklahoma.
The husbandmans together with their households were driven out of the land they depend on for old ages of endurance. They traveled all the manner to California. whose fertile land presents the promise of a better life. Unfortunately. life in the alleged Promised Land has non been good to them either. They suffered subjugation. bitterness. low rewards. and unemployment. They were accused as Communist in a land they counted on to deliver them from the doomed life they left back place ( Steinbeck 3 ) . Steinbeck traveled with the migrators to derive a first-hand experience of the unfortunate life they had to populate.
In composing the novel. the writer sought more than merely to exemplify the category battle at the clip of the Great Depression. He even presented a critical analysis of the policies that had been the root cause of their bad luck. In this respect. the characters portrayed in the narrative normally come out as authoritative heroes or romanticized theoretical accounts. He did this on purpose alternatively of using his characters to look into the single human mind. Rather. he presents his characters as personification of the cosmopolitan battles and rules of the human race.
Hence. The Grapes of Wrath serves as an history of the Great Depression as it was an appraisal of the societal and financial system that contributed to the outgrowth of this peculiar period in American history. Works Cited Choi. Jungsun. “John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath: Home-Seeking and the Ambiguity of the Ending. ” Journal of British American Surveies 14 ( 2006 ) : 89-110. Steinbeck. John. The Grapes of Wrath. New York: Penguin. 2002. Steiner. Bernd. A Survey of John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath. ” Munich: GRIN Verlag. 2007.

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