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A. Describe your ideal career
My ideal job is one that will help me enhance my knowledge and skills, helping me to grow professionally and personally. Also, doing this job, I would be enthused and interested to work and give my best performance each day. This ideal career is to be a professional athlete in the sport of track and field. I enjoy running and competing. The adrenaline rush is the only escape from all the drama that goes on in my life, even if it may only last 12 seconds. The love I have for track and field is unexplainable, I wouldn’t feel happier doing any other thing in my lifetime and being paid all the money in the world. Track and field is something I’m passionate about, this is why I not only think it is my ideal career but a part of me, who I am.
Job Duties
Some of the job duties carried out by a professional athlete are:
? Exercising and practicing under the direction of athletic trainers or professional coaches, in order to develop skills, improve physical condition, and prepare for competitions.
? Maintaining optimum physical fitness levels by training regularly, following nutrition plans, and consulting with health professionals.
? Participating in athletic events and competitive sports, according to established rules and regulations.
? Receiving instructions from coaches and other sports staff prior to events, and discussion of their performance afterwards.
? Maintaining equipment used during training period.
? Representing teams or professional sports clubs, performing such activities as meeting with members of the media, making speeches, or participating in charity events.
? Assessing performance following athletic competition, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and making adjustments to improve future performance.
B. Discuss the required qualifications.
Academic Qualifications
To become a professional athlete in track and field, no academic qualifications are required. However, being able to read and write would be a good trait. Having CSEC subjects and/or a college degree does not help in being a professional athlete as it is not a requirement. However, that athlete will be at an advantage academically rather than the athlete who has little to no academic qualifications.
Personal Qualifications
These qualifications include, the personal characteristics of an individual that are needed for succeeding in one’s career. Some of these personal qualities include:
? Drive
Having the drive to do well and improve every day as there is always room for improvement.
? Discipline.
? Self-confidence.
Athlete must be confident in him/herself and believe that they are winners.
? Focus.
Being focused in essential in taking on the assigned tasks at hand and eliminating distractions.
? Commitment.
? Determination.
Determination is key. Giving up should never be an option, no matter how hard it seems. When a race does not go as planned, the right thing is to get right back up and try again.

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