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Published: 2021-06-14 22:40:02
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( 1 ) Relationship between Dharma. Artha. Kama and Moksha Human life is consumed in trailing philistinism ( Artha ) and sense pleasances ( Kama ) . Ramayana makes it clear that these two chases should ne’er be at the cost of Dharma ( righteousness ) . In keep backing Dharma. both artha and Kama can be and must be sacrificed. The ultimate end of life is Moksha ( release ) and it can be attained merely by releasing Artha and Kama and by purely following a life of Dharma.
( 2 ) The importance of one adult male being wedded to merely one married womanDuring Ramayana period. polygamy was rather prevailing and it was rather an acceptable societal norm for male monarchs to get married many adult females. Rama’s ain male parent Dasaratha was wedded to 3 married womans ( Queenss ) and he had countless courtesans at his castle. In a blunt contrast to his male parent. Rama remained wedded and staunchly loyal to his lone married woman Sita. With this making. he held his caput high as the greatest male monarch of all time ruled in Bharat ( India ) . He set illustration for future coevalss of work forces as to what constitutes a sterling quality for the reputability of a adult male in society.
( 3 ) Attachment to truth and the demand to honour one’s wordWhen Rama was a immature male child. the love and fondness his male parent Dasarata had on him was immense. He would ne’er wish to be separated from his boy. But when he had promised to offer whatever aid that the visiting Sage Viswamitra asked for and when the sage requested for Rama’s aid to contend the devils at the wood. Dasarata was awfully shocked. But still. he agreed to portion with Rama. to honour his promise. Subsequently in clip. when his 3rd married woman Kaikeyi wanted the throne of Ayodhya for her ain boy Bharata and wanted Rama to be sent in expatriate to the wood. it was nil short of a deathlike blow to Dasarata. But still. he could ne’er utilize his kingly authorization to blackball her petition. because of the promise he had made long ago to Kaikeyi. to allow her two blessings whenever she chose to inquire.
( 4 ) Respecting father’s word of HonorMerely on the old dark to Rama’s coronating ceremonial. Kaikeyi made usage of her blessings non merely to deny Rama his rightful ascend to the land. but besides to direct him in expatriate to the wood. Rama. as a Kshatriya ( a individual belonging to ruler/ warrior category ) . had every right to oppugn such an unfairness meted out to him and he was in non truly obliged to honour his father’s unfair promises. But true to his illustriousness. Rama. with arrant withdrawal and without even a hint of letdown reflecting on his face. conceded to both the demands. For him. “pitru vakya paripalanam” ( honouring his father’s words ) was one of the highest Dharma.
( 5 ) The futility of listening to barbarous guidance:Kaikeyi. an basically good natured adult female. meekly allowed her really loyal amah retainer Mandara to brain-wash her into demanding these two flagitious blessings from Dasarata. Though she was non enthusiastic in the beginning. she bit by bit allowed Mandara’s deadly words to poison her head. Did she derive anything eventually by inquiring these blessings? No. She lost her beloved hubby Dasarata who died really shortly. on history of the daze and the hurting of separation from his darling boy Rama. Bharata. Kaikeyi’s boy. for whom she obtained the really land. reprimanded her for her flagitious act and he ne’er of all time took charge of the land as a King. Now see a contrast: Upon hearing the developments. Lakshmana. the most darling brother of Rama. who was by nature short tempered. like a true Kshatriya. got immediately flared up. He could non merely digest the unfairness meted out to Rama. He wanted Rama to contend for his rights ; he wanted to continue and contend with his male parent and imprison Kaikeyi. But the of all time sober Rama. ne’er heeded to his advocate. He pacified Lakshmana with soothing words. indicating out the demand for adhering to dharma. The consequence of Rama’s reding non merely pacified Lakshmana. but besides gave him a steely declaration to release his ain amenitiess of the castle to attach to Rama to the wood. despite the latter’s expostulations to it.
( 6 ) Not accepting any loot coming in unfair mannerBharata. the boy of Kaikeyi. is another sterling character in Ramayana. who merely could non digest the really thought of willing the throne that truly belong to his senior brother Rama but wrongly acquired for his interest by his female parent. He was full of wrath towards his female parent on this issue. He went to the wood in hunt of his brother and requested him seriously to return to the state and take up its regulation. As Rama refused to profess. he took Rama’s brace of footwear and carried it on his caput ; he placed them on the throne of Ayodhya and took attention of disposal of the state as a representative.
( 7 ) The futility of acquiring swayed by doubtful attractive forcesSita. in the wood. got frantically attracted by a beautiful aureate cervid. She refused to mind to her husband’s advocate that such a cervid could non be a natural one and it could be a devil in camouflage. It is her ceaseless teasing to get the cervid to be her play-mate that forced Rama to travel behind it. It paved the manner for her acquiring separated from him and she got forcibly abducted by Ravana. the devil.
( 8 ) The importance of being alert about one’s vocalizationsWhen Rama killed the devil Maricha who came disguised as the aureate cervid. the devil called out “Lakshmana! Sita! ” in Rama’s mimicked voice and died. Sita. upon hearing it. urged Lakshmana. who was standing guard to her. to travel and assist Rama. who seemed to be in problem. Lakshmana’s patient guidance against it could non convert her. In a tantrum of fury without any control of her words. she accused Lakshmana of fostering an evil thought of holding an illicit relationship with her in the absence of Rama. Lakshmana. shell shocked by hearing such an detestable accusal. had to go forth instantly. go forthing her alone. Ravana utilized this chance to kidnap her.
Some translators of Ramayana would state that Sita was forced to turn out her celibacy by the trial of fire by Rama ( after she was freed from the clasps of Ravana ) merely because of her intemperate and awful accusal against the saintly and devout Lakshmana.
( 9 ) The importance of contending atrociousness against adult femaleJatayu. the elderly and one time powerful bird. who noticed Ravana kidnaping Sita forcefully and winging with her in his vehicle towards his state Lanka. fought valorously to blockade Ravana and release Sita. but could non win in its attempt. The bird sacrificed its very life on such a baronial attempt. Before take a breathing its last. Jatayu managed to convey the intelligence to Rama. who. moved to cryings by the heroism of the old bird. did its last rites and funeral. as though he was the boy of the bird.
( 10 ) Divinely love transcends all barriers of caste and credoThe lowly fisherman Guha. who was full of devotedness to Rama. who helped Rama. Lakshmana and Sita to traverse the river Ganges in a boat. was accepted as a brother by the King Rama. Likewise. Sabari. an old huntsman adult female of low caste. became a steadfast fan of Rama. merely by hearing about Rama’s illustriousness.
When Rama was rolling the woods in hunt of Sita. Rama happened to see Sabari’s hut and the old lady. overwhelmed with love for Rama reportedly offered to him fruits after nibbling each a spot to do certain that she did non offer rancid fruits to her darling Rama. Rama treated Sabari as though she was his ain female parent and showered his grace on her.
( 12 ) The illustriousness of true friendly relationshipRama befriended the alienated Vanar King Sugriva ( who’s brother Vali forcefully took Sugriva’s married woman and besides denied his portion of Vanar land ) with a common promise of aid – Rama to extinguish the vastly powerful Vali and Sugriva in bend to assist Rama to seek and turn up Sita and pay war against Ravana to retrive Sita. Both did a applaudable occupation in honouring their words.
( 11 ) The importance of humbleness as a great virtuousnessHanuman. the curate of the alienated Vanar male monarch Sugriva was one of the greatest characters of Ramayana. Hanuman was physically really powerful. was a great diplomat. was really learned in spoken words and was full of wisdom. Yet his humbleness was unsurpassed. The minute he met Rama. he was bowled over by Rama’s deity and appeal and he committed himself to be the life-long retainer of Rama. The great efforts he did in the service of Rama later were alone and the humbleness he displayed despite his illustriousness was unfathomable.
( 13 ) Showing mercy even to the enemyRavana’s younger brother Vibhishan was an highly righteous individual who was bold adequate to warn and advice Ravana against his act of immorality in kidnaping the married woman of another individual to fulfilling his animal desires. When the ferocious Ravana showed the doors to his brother. Vibhishana came and surrendered to Rama. Despite reserves from Sugriva and others. Rama accepted Vibhishana into his crease.
On the first fiery combat between Rama and Ravana. Rama destroyed all the arms and armour of Ravana ; Ravana stood on the war field. unprotected. Rama. who could hold easy killed Ravana at that minute. in one of the greatest Acts of the Apostless of graciousness. asked Ravana to retire for the twenty-four hours and return to the war field the following twenty-four hours. to the full re-armed. as it was against Dharma to kill an un-armed individual.
( 14 ) The demand for the highest criterions in a KingAfter eliminating Ravana and liberating Sita from parturiency. Rama did one of the most controversial and oft criticized demands by inquiring Sita to leap into the fire to turn out her celibacy. Sita did it and came out unharmed. Rama took her into his loving fold one time once more.
But subsequently. when he became King of Ayodhya. he came to cognize of a washer adult male speaking ailment of Rama for holding accepted his married woman Sita who had stayed in the parturiency of his enemy for months. Rama. whose love for Sita was unfathomable. took the most painful determination of releasing her. merely because he had to keep a really high order of personal probity as the swayer of Ayodhya.
One can travel on discoursing any more figure of lessons of morality and Dharma by reading Ramayana in deepness. It is no admiration that Ramayana as a beginning book of a fantastic narrative for the kids and seniors likewise. as a fantastic piece of literature and as a beginning book of counsel on righteous life has stood the trials of clip. It continues to animate 1000000s of people cutting across faith and lingual barriers across the Earth.

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