Accepted Papers

  • The Comparison of Neurodegenerative Diseases and Healthy Subjects using Discrete Wavelet Transform in Gait Dynamics
    Suleyman BILGIN,Akdeniz University, Turkiye
    The main objective of the study is to obtain the comparison of the frequency band energies in gait signals ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), PD (Parkinson Disease), HD (Huntington Disease) and healthy subjects. The gait signals are decomposed into approximation and details by using DWT and the energy values of them are calculated. The D3, D4, D5 details are determined as critical features according to energy percentages. Consequently, the study demonstrates that proposed method makes easily ALS discrimination of other neurodegenerative diseases and control subjects possible.
  • Towards High-quality Parallel Stabilization
    Abdelrahman Ahmed and Mohamed S.Shehata,Memorial University of Newfoundland,Canada
    With the widespread use of handheld devices and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that has the ability to record video sequences. Digital video stabilization becomes more important as these sequences are usually shaky undermining the visual quality of the video. Digital video stabilization has been studied for decades yielding an extensive amount of literature in the field. However, most of them are highly sequential. In this paper, we present a new parallel technique that exploits the parallel architecture found in modern day devices. The algorithm divides the frame into blocks and estimates a camera path for each block to better enhance the estimation of the transformation needed to adjust for the shakiness of the video.
  • A Comparative Analysis of Retrieval Techniques in Content Based Image Retrieval
    Mohini. P. Sardey and G. K. Kharate,Savitribai Phule Pune University,India
    Basic group of visual techniques such as color, shape, texture are used in Content Based Image Retrievals (CBIR) to retrieve query image or subregion of image to find similar image in image database. To improve query result, relevance feedback is used many times in CBIR to help user to express their preference and improve query results. In this paper, a new approach for image retrieval is proposed which is based on the features such as Color Histogram, Eigen Values and Match Point. Images from various types of database are first identified by using edge detection techniques. Once the image is identified, then the image is searched in the particular database, then all related images are displayed. This will save the retrieval time. Further to retrieve the precise query image, any of the three techniques are used and comparison is done w.r.t. average retrieval time. Eigen value technique found to be the best as compared with other two techniques.
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