Invited Talk

V. Sundarapandian, Vel Tech University, India

Dr. Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan (India) obtained his D.Sc. degree in Electrical and Systems Engineering from Washington University, St. Louis, USA in May 1996. Dr. Sundarapandian has specialized in the research areas - Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems, Chaos Theory, Intelligent Control, Systems Modelling and Computational Science. Dr. Sundarapandian is working as Professor and Dean of the Research and Development Centre at Vel Tech University, Chennai, India. Sundar has published three text-books on Computational Science, two research books with Springer (2015) and one research book with IGI-Global (2015). He has guided several doctorate students in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He has 140 Scopus-indexed publications in International Journals and IEEE/ACM Conference Proceedings. He has served as General Chair and Conference Chair of International Conferences held in many countries, and delivered many plenary talks on Chaos and Control Systems. He is the India Chair of AIRCC and the General Editor of the Control Theory journals of AIRCC. He has conducted several workshops on Control Systems, Chaos, Systems Modelling and Computational Science using SCILAB and MATLAB.

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